Janelle Monae is a force in the music and beauty industry, heralded for forging a path that’s refreshingly unique. On the eve of the release of her second album, “Electric Lady,” Monae is gracing the cover of magazines like Essence and Vibe and opening up about her inspiring take on artistry, womanhood and style. For her latest cover story with Vibe Vixen, she is even more revealing than usual, discussing her love life and plans on becoming a mother one day.

An excerpt:

On whether she’d release an all-rap mixtape:

“I’m flattered that people wonder that,” she says, smiling. “I love rap music, and I love hip-hop. I use rap as a way to communicate [and tell a story]. Yes, I will keep that in my thoughts.”

On changing her look for the “Dance Apocalyptic” video:

“I was inspired to create a female rock star. I think an electric lady isn’t to be marginalized. As the narrator and creator of these characters, I have lived by not making myself a slave to my own interpretations of who I am or a slave to your interpretations or anybody’s interpretations of who I am.”

On what she looks for in a lover:

““An android is my preference,” Janelle says coyly. “Two androids and a cyborg. I’m someone who sees your spirit and soul. I love passionate androids; one that knows exactly what it’s going to do in life. I like an android who knows how to handle and support an electric lady’s dreams and wings when it’s time to fly.”

 On when she’ll have children:

After a quick pause, she replies. “When the time is right, everything is about timing. But, right now I’m giving birth to this album.”

On how the concept for “Q.U.E.E.N.” developed:

“‘Q.U.E.E.N’ really developed from a deep conversation Erykah and I were having about a woman’s place in the world. And how we were expected to be freaks and muses and virgin goddesses all at the same time by patriarchal cultures and religions.”

Read the full story and see pictures here.

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