jay picasso baby clipBut is it art? That’s the age old question about these sort of things. Here’s Jay-Z, art and Beyonce lover, rapping for his “performance art movie” called “Picasso Baby.” It features the titular Jay in a white room in an art gallery rapping while various people perform and interact with him.

Cultural critic Rich Juzwiak at Gawker had this to say:

I’m not sure that it amounts to much beyond beyond a really fun music video, though, and it very much wants to amount to something (or at least, it wants to trick you into believing that it amounts to something — let’s not forget that this is fundamentally a commercial for a product). Jay opens the clip pondering the similarities between performance art and concert performance. He muses on the way that art galleries have separated art from mass culture, that people into hip-hop aren’t into fine art because they consider it “too bourgeois.”

So what’s the verdict? Are we feeling the 10 minute film or not?

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