It’s Monday, you’re probably heading over to Facebook to either complain about your horrible weekend, or brag about how amazing it was to do “blah blah blah” with “blah blah blah”. But before you hit “post”, a church choir has a few words of advice, that goes a little something like this:

Happy Monday!


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  • mEE

    LOLOL!! oh man I can’t…

  • Akosua

    You got to love black people. I’m dead. I just love it.

  • sassychloe

    Too freaking funny! With all this talk about the perils of Facebook, I’m so happy I never joined.

    (No one believes me when I tell them that…they look at me like I am an alien.)

  • WTH

    Lawd…what is next! My people (Black folks) have got to be the most creative people on the face of this earth. Who ever would have *thunk* to create a video about Facebook. Wonder what does Mark Zuckenberg thinks about this…hee hee!