September issue of Ebony Magazine covers Trayvon Martin

Ebony Magazine recently released the cover images of its upcoming September issue and it’s clear the venerable publication is taking a stand.

The September issue features four striking covers dedicated to the memory of Trayvon Martin. One cover features Martin’s parents and older brother, Sybrina Fulton, Tracy Martin and Jahvaris Fulton, while three additional covers feature celebrity dads–Spike Lee, Boris Kodjoe, and Dwyane Wade–with their sons.

According to the magazine this “groundbreaking” issue will “explore concerns around racial bias, how to find solutions for those concerns and how to heal and move forward.”

The editors of  Ebony say the September issue was inspired by “the watershed moment experienced by the Black community after the ‘not-guilty’ verdict in the George Zimmerman trial,” and the magazine “devoted four separate September 2013 cover issues to Trayvon Martin and explores the ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws.”

What do you think of the September covers of Ebony? Will you be picking up a copy?

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  • Beautiful Mic

    Buying into and perpetuating racial accounting through black race identity, by default, makes you a mask wearing white troll.

  • Ursula Kodjoe

    The covers are great. There are devoted black fathers worrying about the safety of their children and other parent’s children. They are committed to fatherhood as well as racism issues. I was worried about the safety of my sons since they lived in the US – either being jailed or shot – both by mistake and because they are black.
    I am waiting for the world to become color-blind. It’s about time.

    • Whatever

      [I am waiting for the world to become color-blind]

      Colorblind ideology is a form of racism

    • Whatever

      Is the US is the ONLY country where innocent black males get shot or killed?

      What part of the world do you live in that the rest of the world should pattern?

    • Whatever

      Instead of there being a color blind society, labeling people based on race needs to be eliminated. The concept of race needs to be eliminated. People rely upon it, too heavily, in assuming the character, background, level of intelligence, etc… about other people.

      We need to SEE COLOR WITHOUT LABELS the prevent us from desiring to know a person individually before coming to any conclusions about them.

      We see brown skin, like on these covers, and assume that all involved have the same disposition is society. We assume a ‘proposed image’ of solidarity.

      These covers plays, very well, into the dysfunction and quite misleading qualities of the concept of race.