“Basketball Wives” is making a change this season, according to the show’s executive producer, Shaunie O’Neal. The show known for violence and drama will be more toned down this season due to cast efforts to curb physical attacks.

The producers also made changes to relieve tension on set: Jennifer Williams and Royce Reed, who found themselves regularly embroiled in conflict, are no longer a part of the cast.

Shaunie O’Neal is excited about the change. She says:  “As much as people complain, the numbers seem to show that they like it. It is what it is. I’m proud of this season more than any other, and I love that. I hope it doesn’t affect the numbers, but if it does, I’m still very proud of it. I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Shaunie believes a dip in ratings this season “will show in a lot of ways what people want to see.”

She has high hopes for viewer turnout, however, and is even planning to expand the brand. She told Ebony: “I would love to add another city. We have definitely talked about adding another city or maybe even two.”

What do you think of the new toned-down “Basketball Wives”?


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