soledad-OBrien-The award-winning journalist is hoping to conjure up some serious debate and action with her newest Black in America project titled “Great Expectations”.

The documentary will examine the disparities that currently exist within America’s public education system by spotlighting a group of young black boys in a low-income area of Minneapolis. She also speaks with several educational experts about the controversy surrounding the charter school system and what can be done to close the achievement gap within the African-American community.

The documentary is set to air on CNN Friday, August 30th. This will be her sixth installment in the Black in America series.

Although O’Briean no longer works at CNN, she continues to freelance for a variety of networks through her own production company, Starfish Media Group.

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  • MimiLuvs

    I hope that this new special focuses on:

    1) Highlights the disparity between black boys and black girls, when it comes to the promotion rates. Based off of my personal experience, I’ve noticed that there were more black, female students in attendance at my high school, junior high and elementary school graduation ceremonies than there were black, male students. I’ve also noticed the same disparity at several other graduations as years flew by. I also noticed that boys (boys, in general) have different outlook about education than girls as well.
    2) Highlights the relationships between the parents and the teachers. In my opinion, I am a firm believer in the “children’s education = parent(s) responsibility… always”. So, I would like to hear another and different perspective about that factor.
    3) Goals, aspirations and solutions, in regards to fixing the problems in public schools. I think charter schools’ levels of education are great, but I am more focused on what’s going to happen to public schools. I know that a lot of “focused” parents attend the lotteries, in hope that their children will be picked. But, what happens to them if they don’t become picked?

  • Educated Educator

    There should also be an UNBIASED piece on the charter school debate, the types of parents that are actually getting picked, the “creaming” of students, and the ways that most of these “high performing” charter schools actually have very few successful black boys in them. Often there is one-sided and inaccurate coverage of the charter sector and as a teacher in a charter school I can tell you that all that glitters…

    • Kam

      We should be using the charter school system to create our own schools!

  • Lola289

    Instead of just a “spotlight” how about some damn solutions by the city? 2,000 teachers laid off? Wtf?