Phillip Agnew

Philip Agnewexecutive director of the Dream Defenders in Florida, and Sofia Campos, chairperson of the immigrant rights youth-led organization United We Dream, were both scheduled to speak at yesterday’s “Let Freedom Ring” ceremony but due to alleged time constraints  they never made it to the podium. Agnew posted a backstage Instagram photo two minutes before he was supposed to go on stage, but he was told he couldn’t speak. 

Not everyone was pleased about the younger voices not having a chance to speak. Plenty of people made parallels to the participants of the March on Washington where only the older voices of the “struggle” were heard.

Not one to be complacent, Agnew is encouraging others to make their own “Let Freedom Ring” speeches and share them on their social networks.

The Dream Defenders released the video of the speech Agnew was going to deliver yesterday.

“This is about more than the speech,” said Agnew. “It’s about the voices of hundreds of thousands of people across the country that have been silenced for too long. Our generation’s dreams have been deferred for too long. While the words spoken amidst the pillars of the Lincoln Memorial yesterday may have reverberated throughout the nation, the actions, energy and love of the rising generation will resound in history books for centuries to come, like those of giants before us.”

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