A$lap Rocky, I mean A$AP Rocky, has been hit with assault charges in Philadelphia after allegedly $lapping a female fan during the Made In America concert. The victim filed a complaint with the D.A’s office on Tuesday. The complaint states that as A$AP was making is way through crowd, a bunch of girls were pulling on his shirt. In retaliation, A$AP turned around and slapped her in the face.

The woman is claiming to have suffered injuries that include whiplash.  After reviewing the case the D.A’s office decided to charge A$AP with misdemenor simple assault.

This isn’t the first slapping incident A$AP has been involved in. Earlier this summer, a video from an Australia performance surfaced which seemingly shows the rapper slapping a woman in the audience, then taunting her.

A$AP is seen in the footage at 1:39:46 turning to face the woman who blows him kisses before he reaches up and appears to slap her across the left side of her face. The unknown female fan in dark blue tights and a long white sleeved top is seen recoiling directly after with A$AP Rocky waving his finger at her in disapproval. There were no reports of charges being filed in that incident.

Maybe this victim was dark skinned and had on red lipstick and he thoroughly disapproved.


Updated: Lisa Wade, the woman A$AP slapped, spoke with TMZ:

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