Oscar nominee Angela Bassett has joined the cast of FX’s horror anthology,  American Horror Story: Coven.  This season’s story is set in New Orleans and focuses on a conven of witches.  Basset will be playing a voodoo priestess based on Marie Laveau, famously known in New Orleans for her voodoo practice.

The plot of this season takes place in New Orleans 300 years after the Salem witch trials.  Zoe, played by returning American Horror Story star Taissa Farmiga, is horrified to discover she possesses a genetic connection tracing back to the Salem era. Zoe is taken to join an Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. The school’s purpose is to provide a safe place for the remaining descendants that contain this unique bloodline. The ladies are protected and mentored since the few that remain are almost extinct and in danger.

The season is expected to pit the witchcraft of the Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies against Basset’s character’s voodoo practice.

The “American Horror Story: Coven” season premiere is set for Oct. 9th at 10pm on FX.

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  • Magnolia

    There are certain actors that make me want to watch something I was on the fence about. Angela is one of them. Jessica Lange too. They consistently picksgood, solid projects. I watched a few episodes of the first AHS season and was confused/freaked out by the latex body suit thing so stopped watching. I’ll watch this.

  • BeanBean

    I’m really excited!! We have Angela Bassett in American Horror Story and Nicole Beharie in Sleepy Hollow, both are horror/super natural shows. It’s good to see black people in such different situations. Black people like fantasy/mystery as well!!!!

    • Lisss

      Nicolee Beharie! Yes! Just watched the sec episode of SH. Love it!

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  • anna

    The *only* reason I look at AHS is for Jessica Lange. That woman is the anchor of this show. But I dono, Angela Bassett? I expect Angela’d give Jessica a run for her money :-)
    can’t wait.