3rd Annual Streamy Awards - Backstage And AudienceRemember that time viral video star Antoine Dodson came out to “renounce himself” because he “no longer into homosexuality” and wanted a wife and children?

Welp, he’s proved his haters and doubters wrong. Or something.

While many were confused by Dodson’s decision to pray away the gay, others commended the Alabama-native on his choice to seek the life he wanted. Now it seems he’s one step closer to achieving it

Yesterday, Dodson took to Twitter to tell the world he’s going to be a father.

Despite the good news, some of Dodson’s followers weren’t buying it.

“Aren’t you gay?” one person tweeted. Another echoed the user’s sentiments, typing a stunned, “WUT?”

Others offered words of encouragement and congratulations to the YouTube sensation who first came to the world’s attention after he helped stop a man from sexually assaulting his sister.

Whether Dodson gets his happily ever after remains to be seen, but we wish Dodson and his “Queen” luck!

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