BOAAfter 16 years, a settlement was finally reached on Monday involving a discrimination lawsuit against Bank of America. In 1993, the Labor Department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCC) launched a review of BOA and discovered inconsistencies and “systematic hiring discrimination” when it came to the hiring of African-Americans. Four years later, in 1997, the OFCC launched their lawsuit against the bank.

Yesterday, Judge Linda S. Chapman ruled that the bank used “unfair and inconsistent selection criteria” when it routinely chose white applicants over black job-seekers in 1993 and again between 2002 and 2005. The bank is now ordered to pay 1,147 African American job applicants $2,181,593 in back wages and interest.

Bank of America vigorously contested the allegations and argued that the Labor Department did not have the legal authority to impose fines against it, but the judge sided with the government’s claim that because the bank is a federally insured entity, it qualifies as a federal contractor.

“Wherever doors of opportunity are unfairly closed to workers, we will be there to open them — no matter how long it takes,” OFCCP Director Patricia A. Shiu said in a statement. “Judge Chapman’s decision upholds the legal principle of making victims of discrimination whole, and these workers deserve to get the full measure of what is owed to them.”

The bank must now pay $964,033 to 1,034 applicants who were rejected for jobs in 1993, and another $1,217,560 to 113 African Americans who were denied work between 2002 and 2005. In addition, Bank of America has been ordered offer jobs to 10 applicants who were originally turned down.

The bank, meanwhile, refused to comment on the specifics of the ruling, but noted their diversity and culture values.

“At Bank of America, diversity and inclusion are part of our culture and core company values,” Christopher Feeney, a spokesman for the bank, said in a statement. “We actively promote an environment where all employees have the opportunity to succeed.”


Bank of America Ordered To Pay $2.2 Million In Discrimination Lawsuit

An investigation by the Labor Department found that Bank of America’s Charlotte office had used “unfair and inconsistent selection criteria” in order to deny African Americans work.

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  • E

    I think they got off easy…wat’s 2M to a bank as big as them? They should be forced to pay out more.

  • 9Boots

    I think any black person banking with BOA should close their accounts and move to another bank. That will show them black folk ain’t playin no more.

  • Lola

    2.2 millions. Isn’t that peanuts for BOA? I always read about companies forced to pay $50M to someone who slipped on a banana peel and broke a nail. But BOA only which discriminated thousand of people only has to pay 2.2M.

  • moni

    I am one of the 1,034 people who has been waiting for approximately 17 years for this entire matter to be settled and for what – to divide $964,033 up with 1,033 other people. This amounts to $933.33 which is ridiculous. I had to submit all kinds of documentation of my employment history and salaries since I was denied a job with company back in 1993. All with assurance that the lawsuit would take into consideration projected earnings loss and possibilities for advancement loss due to the discriminatory practice that was used to disqualify me. At the time, I held a Master’s degree, had worked in the financial industry in a much larger city and on a much larger scale for 5 years previously, and was more than qualified for the job that I had applied for. Once I reached the interview, the bank rep stated that they wanted to consider me for a substantially lesser job on a lower level without any specific reason (my guess was that they saw my skin color). Each time the judge rules in favor of us, BOA stalls and wants to appeal. They have been appealing this case for about 5 years since the judge first stated that they had to pay. Now they are still trying to appeal the 2.2 million, which is peanuts, that they have been ordered to pay. The whole thing is ridiculous and I am so frustrated and appalled.