In a recent interview with The Sun, Beyonce’s childhood through teenhood ex-boyfriend crawled out of the woodwork to discuss his past relationship with Mrs. Carter. Lyndell Locke claims he was in a sexless relationship with Beyonce for nine years. He couldn’t handle the pressure of being her boyfriend and not getting any when her career started to take off, so he cheated.

From The Sun:

The bigger star she became, the more I didn’t think I was good enough. One night, when she was out of town, I went to a bar with friends and ended up sleeping with another woman. Over the course of a few years I cheated on her about five times, but I never told her until after we broke up.

She was such a great girl who cared about me deeply, she even wrote her hit Dangerously in Love while we were together. That’s how in love we were back then. Initially my intention was to take a break from our relationship so I could go to culinary school and make a name for myself. But when I headed to Austin to do the course she quickly moved on with her own life.

So according to Locke, “Dangerously In Love” was about him. Maybe someone should find out if Beyoncé’s, “Best Thing I Never Had” was about him?

Maybe The Sun padded Locke’s pockets with some cash for him to come out with his story 10 years later? But there are those who are willing to put their business out there for free.

To kiss and tell isn’t something new. I’m quite sure it’s been happening since the dawn of time. But it still doesn’t make it right.  Not all relationships are meant to be, but just because a relationship ends doesn’t mean you have to run off at the mouth and divulge intimate secrets. What does it actually prove or solve?  And it’s not always the women who are yapping off at the mouth about their ex. As you can see from Locke’s quote, he’s probably still a little butthurt that messed up big time. While Beyoncé is cruising the seas with Blue Ivy and Jay Z, he’s selling his story for the next highest bidder.

Ex-lovers just need to be quiet. Plain and simple. If you have an issue you need to talk about concerning an ex find the nearest psychologist, and work it out with them. Or, if you’re man or woman enough, call up that ex, clear the air and then move on with your life.


Have you ever been the victim of a “kiss & tell” ex? Have you ever kissed & told after breaking up with someone?

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