While most of his peers are worrying about passing classes, impressing crushes, and lamenting the end of summer, 15-year-old Jaylen Bledsoe is brainstorming ways to grow his multi-million dollar IT company.

Three years ago Bledsoe started a tech company which later became Bledsoe Technologies, LLC, one of the fastest growing youth-led companies in the nation. Since then he’s made his mark as a successful entrepreneur all before he is old enough to drive.

According to KTVI, the St. Louis company is already worth $3.5 million, but Bledsoe has bigger goals. Although he’s just a sophomore in high school, he plans on attending Harvard University to study Business Administration and Computer Science.

Though Bledsoe gives credit to his mentor Scott Schnucks for encouraging him to take risks, he attributes his success to his faith in God. He recently wrote on his blog, “I’d like to thank my Lord and Savior. Without him, I would be nowhere. He’s given me the blessing to have the company and profound success, but to also be a motivation to others.”


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