Over the last few months, I have had a little bug on my shoulder concerning the negative comments and feedback about Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy’s hair upkeep.

I’ll be honest and admit that I am always very amused by celebrity memes and roasts. There’s a guilty pleasure I think many of us have when we see people who are usually praised and worshiped like gods being shamed like the rest of us for fashion, makeup mistakes and weight gain.

To me, those things say, “Hey, they’re rich and gorgeous, but they dress bad and take embarrassing photos just like everyone else.” It’s an ounce of hope when we’re all brainwashed into thinking that Hollywood is a magical world where everything and everyone is perfect, even if they pay to look that way.

However, recently there is one joke in particular that keeps reinventing itself on the Internet that has been not so funny to me, and that joke is baby Blue Ivy Carter’s hair.

I’ve seen people saying things like, “Beyonce always keeps her hair looking tight, why is she letting her baby look like she doesn’t love her?” and, “Beyonce is rich, she needs to do something with that baby’s hair!” — or even stuff like, “Blue Ivy looks a mess her hair is just the worst,” “She needs some bows or braids,” and, “Why does she let her baby go out looking like that?”

I’m not sure if it’s because everyone just expects the offspring of queen Bey to be flawless from the cradle to the grave or the fact that people are so obsessed with hair, be it on a baby’s head or an adult. Whatever the reason, I am not amused at all.

Every time someone makes a rude comment I find myself in an internal boxing match trying to keep myself from going into a full-on rage-filled rant. I often times just want to virtually shake people and tell them to shut the hell up, grow up and leave that adorable child’s hair alone.

This might have something to do with the fact that I have a 16-month-old daughter whose hair looks pretty much identical to Blue’s.

I don’t “do” my daughter’s hair either, I wash it and occasionally detangle but that’s about it. Most days her hair is just a curly fluff and others it’s a mangled fluff.

She’s a baby, is she supposed to be just flipping around a head full of luscious tresses at 18 months? I’m sorry that I don’t feel it necessary to snatch my baby bald trying to squeeze the little hair she does have into some tight braids and rubber bands to appease other people, while she’s screaming and crying her eyes out.

My daughter’s hair is (on a good day) just clean. There’s nothing manicured or neat about it; it’s a head of fluffy hair that just sits there. I don’t think it needs to be pleasing to anyone’s eye at this point — who is my baby trying to impress? Her hair is clean and, more importantly, it’s healthy.


Apparently even babies don’t get a pass when it comes to the politics of “good hair.” Fun fact: When I was a baby, my mother used to shave my head into a low cut. I was walking around serving up Amber Rose baldness way before it was popular. It was my mother’s way of keeping my hair manageable and acceptable while not murdering my scalp every three days.

What’s wrong with letting a baby be a baby?

Women have to focus more on teaching young girls to appreciate themselves for who they are. Hair and makeup should not be the concern of any little girl, especially before they can even form a sentence. But since we are so interested in children’s hair, why not boycott kiddy relaxers and texturizers? Why not boycott the false sense of security that women place on things that are not a natural part of who they are?

My daughter will know and love who she is and one thing that will never make or break her is her hair. Anyone who has an issue with my child’s “unkempt” hair can kick rocks, and that should stand for adults as well. There is nothing at all wrong with letting your child just be and be happy.



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  • Frosting

    As an artist I love a head full of wild, healthy, kinky hair, even if it’s a little matted. However, I’ve learned that others do not feel the same. Several years ago I went natural, at first my hair was so short, there was little to no trouble. As my tresses began to grow, my mane began to suffer. People treat you poorly when they feel you’re not groomed. I don’t make the rules, I just have to follow them. Sometimes you have to conform to certain standards. Right now I still have my hair natural ( after wearing it straight). I put my hair in plats every evening then roll it. The results are beautiful. I’m looking for an alternative because all that rolling is stunting the grow of hair. But do what you have to do.

    Also, ( sorry just thought of this example) I had a terrible emergency wher I was rushed to the hospital. My hair was matted because I’d been sick for several days and couldn’t stand in the shower long enough to de tangle it. I took a bath though. So don’t worry. Anyway, when I got to the hospital the black female nurses made fun of me. They laughed at my hair even though I was really sick and in pain. They dumped me in the middle of the waiting room, where I couldn’t sit down. I was crying. My pants were falling down because I just threw something together so I could go to the hospital. I could barely walk. I told the doctors I was in so much pain and needed a wheelchair, they wouldn’t give me one. I had to walk. No one helped me. I don’t know if they thought I was on drugs, or they didn’t like my hair. Even some people sitting in the emergency room waiting laughed at me. ……………….people are very cruel. Maybe Beyonce should comb her babies hair.

    • Osha

      wow i’m sorry this happened to you but those women were being petty. even if your hair had been something they would have deemed “fly” they would have found something else to tease you about. don’t think you have to conform to other people’s notions, because they’ll have you going up rabbit shoots and down mole holes trying to bend over backwards for their benefit. it’s just not worth it.

  • Tammy

    I totally agrees with you, my daughter hair is wild and curly and I absolutely love it. Anyone who criticizes a child’s hair , seriously need to get a life and mine their own business .

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