A Utah mother will now think twice about smoking e-cigarettes. Kinzie Barlow said an exploding e-cigarette set her son’s car seat on fire, leaving first- and second-degree burns on the 3-year-old’s body.

“Seeing your child on fire and hearing them scream ‘Help me!’ is pretty terrifying,” Kinzie Barlow said.

Oh, I’m sure it is.

“Then there was a big bang, and kind of a flash, and there’s smoke everywhere,” Barlow said.

Barlow said her e-cigarette had exploded in its charger, shooting out a white-hot copper coil that bounced off the ceiling and landed in her son’s car seat. She says the coil had burned through the fabric cover and melted the hard plastic, sending flames shooting up the little boy’s body.

“He was screaming and saying, ‘Mom, get me! Get me!”

Barlow said she tried smothering the fire with her shirt sleeve, which also caught fire. So she grabbed an iced coffee from the front seat and poured it on Khonor, dousing the flames.

“I was shaking by the time it was all over and done with,” Barlow said.

Although Kinzie’s son, Khonor, did suffer from minor burns, he seemed to be in good spirits.


Provo Fire Marshal Lynn Schofield said he has no doubt Barlow’s White Rhino e-cigarette exploded, saying it’s the second such incident in Provo.

He planned to call the Consumer Product Safety Commission on Monday.

As for Barlow, she told CNN she will never buy another e-cigarette again.

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  • Kam

    I think a couple of years back an e-cigarette exploded in a mans mouth burning his lips and taking out his front teeth. These things might need more regulations.

  • Treece

    Just give up the cigarettes, period. The ones and the e ones……clearly they both are not safe. #sticksofdeath

    • Treece

      *Meant to say “the REAL ones and the E ones”

  • naan

    wow. that is extremely horrifying. thank goodness his mother was able to save him quickly. on a side note: i wish i had her nails. those were cute.

    • Chelle

      I laughed at your side note. Lol

  • Lussi

    This can happen to ANY battery if misused or overcharged. I’ve heard of cellphones exploding because batteries were not used appropriately. Now, when it comes to e-cigarettes, given the financial losses they could incur for the govt, big tobacco and pharmaceutical companies, no wonder they chose to put it like this…

  • IJusWannaSay…

    Hate to say it, but I think the story may be a tad bit over-exaggerated so that Big Tobaccah can have some ammo since taking a big hit in their profits.

    Hope the baby is ok…