Tour bus eating can’t be easy. With constantly being on the road, going from city to city, it’s probably not the healthiest either. During a recent interview with New York’s Hot 97, Tauheed Epps, more commonly known as 2 Chainz, discussed his love of food and the how his culinary tastes have changed. “My culture has changed. My style of eating has changed, because in order to do what I do, you have to eat a certain way,” Epps told the radio station.

In addition to dropping his new album, B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time this week,  2 Chainz also added a little extra flavor to the music by including a cookbook with the digital purchase of Me Time.  #Mealtime is presented as a collection of tour bus recipes, put together by 2 Chainz and his right hand man,  Chef Alem.  A simple glance at 2 Chainz’s Instagram will make you wish there was a such thing as “taste-a-gram”. The dishes have varied, from simple things like fried chicken, to more elaborate dishes like the photo below.


Bbq Scallops & Shrimp Roasted Garlic Cous Cous, Braised Purple Cabbage

From Entertainment Weekly:

The deluxe edition of Me Time features a cook book, with each recipe lining up with one of the songs on the album.

Like “Beautiful Pain”? You should make his fried chicken. Hungry for some smoky kale greens? You’ll want to crank up “Black Unicorn.”The recipes all sound pretty delicious, and are relatively easy to execute. Many of them call for healthy dollops of “Me Time Sauce,” a tangy combination of mayonnaise, Old Bay, barbecue sauce, dijon mustard, and lemon juice.

The first step in making Me Time Sauce is, “Go to the mall, spend a handful of racks on a new outfit for the night.” The second? “Get a manicure and a pedicure.” Next? “Spend some more ‘Me Time’ at the house, catching up on old seasons of The Wire.” 

I may be inclined just to purchase his new album only for the cookbook.

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  • Kaeli

    Why are we wasting time and energy talking about the endeavors of a man who makes his living making music degrading black women. I honestly rather take my money and throw it in the trash than purchase anything he is selling.

    • JS

      2 Chainz is smart. He may make a living off of rapping about the “thug life” but its clear on his personal time that is not what he is about. He isn’t concerned with playing the part past the music now and I respect him for that.

      Yes he may make a living off the expense of black women but who is to blame for that? The consumer. Now I’m quite aware that a huge chunk of his earnings come from other races/cultures, who are hyped up on the “its cool to be street” hiphop fad. However trust if we as a Black community, hell even Black women came together and spoke out in great numbers, there would be a change.

      Realistically however until then, there is always going to be a dime-a-dozen rapers ready to take his place and degrade something/someone in lyrics for a dollar. I would rather have it be a standard that we recognize rappers has having a “stage street persona” than actually being about that life. That way young kids grow up seeing the “thug life” as a character, rather than a role model to aspire to. Too many young boys (and girls who want to be video vixens) lead a “hard” life thinking they need “street cred” to be seen as a legitimate rapper when that is not the case, just look at Kanye’s middle-class life growing up.

      True there is still the problem of the lyrics, but you can’t hate the player, you have to hate the game/system that supports it.

    • Kaeli

      Gotcha. He has no responsibility for what comes out of his mouth. His lyrics are a problem but I need to focus on “the system”, not him. He is making a living at the expense of black woman, but again I must ignore that and focus on the system. Please explain how better to “hate the the game/system that supports it” than not spending my hard earned money on a system in which black men degrade black women for money?

    • JS

      So 2 Chainz realizes the folly of his ways and quits music or starts being accountable for his lyrics. Great, except for like I mentioned there is a million other wannabes ready to sellout and take his place. Fighting at the individual level only solves the temporary problem and not the fact that our society is set up to support these lyrics from rappers. You not spending your money on him doesn’t effect the big picture if him rapping is seen as socially acceptable creating a system of people who will purchase his music.

      You aren’t just supposed to hate the system you are supposed to actively work against it. I mean you don’t have to, but just don’t get all self righteous about not spending your money on him like that is actually doing something to help the problem.

    • Kaeli

      What you are saying makes absolutely no sense. You are of the narrow mindset that activism only occurs on the large scale level. That is incorrect. That is like saying don’t help feed individual homeless people because there will always be more hungry homeless people since homelessness is the result of a larger system. Do you see how silly that sounds? How one chooses to spend the resources they work for does have an affect. Will it end the issue? Of course not. But that means the nonsense isn’t in my home. I am setting a good example for my family. You need to expand your mind a little when it comes to social change.

    • JS

      Your folly is that you are applying my approach on a wide scale bases. Activism isn’t so simple where you can use one method of approaching a problem to ALL problems. That should be common knowledge. In your scenario of course helping the individual doesn’t provide relief to the bigger problem however, it still makes a difference and it should be done.

      Although in the case at hand ONE individual not buying 2 chainz music isn’t going to hurt his pockets. He doesn’t feel the effects of that and it doesn’t change society. Not to assume anything about you, but if you never bought his music to begin with he definitely is not being effected by your choice because clearly he is doing well without it. However if many people were to stop buying his music on a large scale, which then goes past the individual level of contribution because you are doing it as a collective, he would feel that effect and it also sends a message to society that “this isn’t acceptable and we will not tolerate this.”

  • London

    I know I am going to get backlash this, but since 2 chainz has been out I’ve been noticing that his personal life does not reflect his thug, ratchet lyrics at all. His is a family guy with a lot of unique talents. I am glad that, as a young black man, he is being able to show his other talents than just rapping and being a thug. Hope that this inspires other young men to think outside the box when It comes exploring careers in entertainment.

    • V

      You’re right. 2 chainz is a rather intelligent young man. I noticed this when I saw him on TJ Holmes show for bet. He was talking about the importance of voting for himself and other black men with a criminal past because a lot of his peers don’t know even if you have a record your voting rights can be reinstated depending on the state. Very well spoken, I hope he wins