Earlier this month, Britni Danielle wrote about Issa Rae’s new YouTube series, “The Choir”.  The new series, for AlrightTV is “a dramedy that follows the United Church of Holy Christ in Fellowship’s choir as they attempt to rebuild their dying congregation.”

The latest episode of “The Choir” features, “Christ WALK”, a new song by Issa Rae. The song is obviously a parody, but a few people didn’t think it was funny. Words like sacrilegious and blasphemous have been thrown around in response to the video:

Regina Mullen 1 day ago

Wrong. Just wrong. Do another!

Nia Johnson 4 days ago

Though this is quite disrespectful. Christian rap artist are nothing like this. Though this is for entertainment, could’ve been different

Ayanha Noel 4 days ago

Very disrespectful.

Marques Miles 6 days ago

I think it’s amazing how we can throw around the name of Jesus so flippantly. No she said nothing truly negative about Christ, but the entirety of the video doesn’t shine a light on Christ or his people. I get the hypocrisy angle. But to complete it, we should see what Christians should be like. Compare/contrast.

Nellah5 1 week ago

I love admire your work but this is straight Blasphemy. Jesus is real and when more ppl acknowledge what he did on the cross for us. This world would be better. I can’t get with this at all. SMH

Check out the video below.

Clutchettes, what do you think of the video? Do you find it offensive?

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