DMX’s last sit-down on television ended disastrously. As a guest on “Iyanla: Fix My Life,” DMX appeared high on drugs, yelled and cursed at Iyanla, walked out on his son and then threatened to sue the network because of his dissatisfaction with the way he was portrayed. Despite his unfortunate experience with OWN, DMX is back on air again with Dr. Phil.

It’s reported that he’ll discuss his faith in God and various other aspects of his life on the show. Perhaps, those “other aspects” will include his drug abuse, estranged relationship with his son, many arrests and footage of him running naked in his hotel recently.

We can only hope the situation fares better than his encounter with Iyanla, but we have to ask if DMX should stop doing press altogether? It seems to hurt more than help his already delicate situation with drugs, family issues and his tortured past.

What he needs is real professional help instead of ratings. Do you agree, Clutchettes and Gents?

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