Oh dear. Another day, another struggle-twerking video has gone viral. But this one could have been deadly.

The YouTube video, posted by Caitlin Heller, shows a young woman trying her best to shake her hips for the camera while several candles burn on a coffee table nearby. As she hits a handstand on the door and continues to gyrate, another woman walks through it sending the would-be twerker crashing into the table.

Being knocked on her head could have been bad enough, but things got exponentially worse when the woman’s yoga pants caught fire.

The video cuts off while she screams, leg ablaze, so it’s unclear if she was seriously injured during the incident. It’s also unclear if this whole thing was staged, as so many other “accidental” videos in the past have been.

But still….this is hilarious.

Either way, let this be a lesson to the twerk-crazed folks out there. Do not twerk near an open flame; do not twerk if you don’t have any rhythm; and do not pop a handstand on a door while twerking unless you know no one will be opening it anytime soon.

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