What is with black women thinking the white man’s ice is colder this week? Sheryl Underwood revealed her burning desire for “beautiful, long, silky” white hair on Sunday and last night’s episode of “Family Hustle” paid homage to all things white.

Shekinah, Tameka “Tiny” Harris’ hairstylist, revealed that she wants to be white. Her reasoning? “White people are living the life,” and “White people never have drama. Black girls always going through some sh*t.”

She and Tiny then decide to act white for a week. What follows are offensive quips about what food, clothing and behavior is “black” or “white.”


“You went straight for the red velvet, that’s so black.”
“Do you know I’m wearing J.Crew? When we’re white again, I’m gonna wear Banana Republic.”
“Drinking tea is very white of us.”

Beyond the ignorance of ascribing race to activities anyone can enjoy, there’s a disturbing undercurrent of self-hatred here. In Shekinah’s world, white is inherently more sophisticated and pulled-together, and black is unstable, unrefined and full of drama.

Just like Sheryl Underwood believes white hair is better than the hair that grows out of her own scalp, Tiny and Shekinah see white peoples’ lives as better than their own. That warped way of thinking is proof of an internalization of white standards of beauty for Sheryl and a damning inferiority complex for Tiny and Shekinah.

Mental slavery is real.

What do you think of this episode, Clutchettes and Gents?

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