Earlier this summer, Vanderbilt University football player JaBorian McKenzie, was dismissed from his football and faces criminal charges on five counts of aggravated rape and two counts of sexual battery in Nashville, TN.  McKenzie is one of the 4 men accused of raping an unconscious 21-year-old student in Vandenburg’s dorm room in Gillette Hall. Three others, including Vanderbilt wide receiver Chris Boyd, face lesser charges dealing with a possible attempted cover-up of evidence in the case.

This week, according to reports by Yahoo! Sports, McKenzie resumed his playing career at Alcorn State, but that was a short lived college football career.

Calling his participation an “error in judgment,” Alcorn State University has kicked McKenzie off its team in light of the rape charges he and three other former players are facing.

“Alcorn failed to sufficiently examine the allegations against McKenzie before allowing him to participate in our football program,” Alcorn State University President Christopher Brown II said in a statement. “In an effort to provide educational opportunities to a Southwest Mississippi student, Alcorn State University made an error in judgment.”

President Brown added, “Participation in Alcorn State University intercollegiate athletics is a privilege and not a right. Intercollegiate athletics is an extracurricular forum for student engagement intended to provide an outlet for maturation, growth, and development. And McKenzie has been notified that the privilege to play has been withdrawn.”

Previously Alcorn’s football coach asserted that he believed McKenzie was 100% innocent.

“If I ever find anything or if I can get any proof that he is guilty, he will be suspended from our football team,” Jay Hopson told The Associated Press on Thursday. “From everything I’ve gotten, from every resource, this kid is 100 percent innocent.”


Do you think McKenzie should be allowed to play on the team until a verdict is reached? Does innocent until proven guilty apply?


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  • Velociraptor

    Because college football coaches have a stellar history of judging character when it comes to the extra curricular activities of their players and coaching staff…

  • Patricia

    When will these black college athletes learn? Why can’t they just walk away from girls that are unconsicous or down right drunk if they are at a party. If the girl attempts to throw herself at her they need to just walk away or call the police or security. It is so sad they just refused to learn the lesson

    • Luisa

      It’s not about learning their lesson. Someone who is capable of forcing themselves on an unconscious person is simply a rapist. If these allegations are indeed true I’m pretty sure they knew what they were doing was wrong, so it’s not about failing to learn a lesson. How does one decide that it’s okay to have sex with an unconscious person? A person who is unconscious clearly cannot consent to sex.


  • Y Colette

    I agree with the decisión due to serious nature of the allegations

  • S.thani

    JaBorian??? Wtf!