In the words of Michael Jackson, it looks like Frank Ocean “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin”.

Frank Ocean and Chris Brown have a well documented beef. A scene from Michael Jackson’s “Bad” video broke out in a parking lot late last year, when the two of them argued over a parking space.

We also know Chris Brown was involved in a domestic violence incident.  I mean, that’s water under the bridge, right?

So the obvious thing to do, if you have an issue with Brown, is to taunt him with a t-shirt.  It seems as though Ocean isn’t ready to let bygones be bygones.  Frank Ocean posted a photo of himself wearing a “Wanted For Domestic Violence” t-shirt with Brown’s face plastered on the front.  I’m sure it was done in an attempt to illicit a response from Brown, but surprisingly he hasn’t retaliated, which I actually commend him for. And that’s the only nice thing I’ll ever say about Chris Brown.

Maybe Frank Ocean was bored, but come on, stop being an instigator.


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