If you’re not familiar with It’Sugar, I can only describe it as Claire’s Accessories that has overdosed on sugar. It’s a novelty and candy store where you can buy everything from lipsticks by a company named “Lip Shit”, to Hello Kitty and Smurf paraphernalia as well as giant boxes of Nerds candy.  The store also has apparel for girls and babies, but recently a couple of their items seem to have people yelling foul.



The Community Against Violence isn’t too pleased with the onesies above, so they started a petition to have It’Sugar remove them from their stores.  They feel that the onesies not only sexualizes babies, but also insults their mothers.

From Change.org:

Messages about Healthy Sexuality are needed if Violence against Women and Children is ever going to end. A society that hopes to end violence against women and children has to send messages to them reflecting their importance and value, not dehumanize them. We are aware that one of the most personal ways we can do make this change is to begin to adjust the language that we use every day in our relationships, families and homes. As many as one in three girls and one in seven boys will be sexually abused at some point in their childhood, according to most reliable studies of child sexual abuse in the United States. That means there are potentially 45 million adults now living in the U.S. who were sexually abused as children. So messages like, “Hung like a Preschooler” and “Does this diaper make my butt look big?” are grossly inappropriate and unfunny. Sexualizing children must stop. In addition, many of the onesies in IT’Sugar stores and online, contain messages which spread tired, old, and unhealthy messages about women and mothering. We all deserve media messages that strengthen our communities and uplift children.

So far the petition has only garnered about 102 supporters, but people are in agreement that the onesies are tasteless:

“These messages are dehumanizing not only to the child but the whole society. Infancy, toddlerhood and childhood is a time when the surrounding culture should be available to support and protect those states. This is me doing my part to support and protect my fellow citizens in the hopes that we nurture a more loving community”

“The larger movement to end violence against women must stop by first speaking out against the sexualization of women & girls, men and boys”

Although novelty stores occasionally make “tasteless” their business, do you think the onesies are offensive? 

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