Kanye West and his ego. Is there a room big enough to hold either of them? Probably not.

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1 with BBC Radio 1’s, Zane Lowe, West pretty much claims that’s he’s a genius and the had a few words for the entertainment industry.

“Rap is the new rock ‘n’ roll,” West said.

“We the new rock stars, and I’m the biggest of all of them. I’m the No. 1 rock star on the planet.”

West even went on to say that the only entertainer on his level is the gloved one himself, Michael Jackson.

“I would not be Kanye West if it wasn’t for Michael Jackson,” he said.  But his compliments turned a little backhanded.

“I was able to ascend to massive heights,” he said. “And I’ve got to a point that Michael Jackson did not break down. I have reached the glass ceiling, as a creative person, as a celebrity and I’ve been at it for 10 years.”

But if there is one person West is trying to keep up with, it’s Jay-Z.  One has to wonder if there’s a bit of rivalry between the two.  Recently they’ve both had albums out simultaneously, and earlier this month, within hours of each other, announced separate world tours.  West actually admits to feeling some kind of way, when it comes to not being able to achieve the same level of success as Jay-Z.

“Jay Z is more realized than me,” he said. “More of his dreams and aspirations have come true. You don’t realize I am so frustrated. Like, I’ve got so much I want to give. … And I’ve got a million people telling me why I can’t do it.”

“I know how to make perfect, but that’s not what I’m here to do,” he added. “I’m here to crack the pavement and make new grounds sonically … and culturally.”

Check out Kanye’s interview below. Just make sure you have enough room for his ego on your computer.




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