I was in a state of shock when they read Claire Danes’ name last night. I was sure this was Kerry Washington’s moment. Washington would’ve been the first black woman to take home the honor for Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama series. She’s lauded for her role as Olivia Pope on “Scandal,” she’s on practically every magazine cover and in the weeks leading up to the Emmys, there was talk of her presenting next to Diahann Carroll, the legendary actress who was the last black woman to play a lead role in a primetime network drama almost 40 years before Kerry.

Kerry arrived on the red carpet in an ethereal gown designed by Marchesa with her parents in tow. This was her time.

Claire Danes taking the award was disappointing, inarguably so. But was it unfair?

Danes won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a drama series for the second consecutive year. Her performance on “Homeland” is praised incessantly. Even last night, words like “boss,” “incredible,” and “role of her life” were used on social media to describe Claire’s work and in defense of her win.

A crop of people popped up last night who maintained that though it would’ve been nice to see Kerry win, Claire was more deserving.

Others felt it was a category full of strong actresses, in which Kerry Washington didn’t land on top. And the fact that it’s only the third season of “Scandal” is a factor as well.

Columbus Short wasn’t here for any explanation about Claire Danes’ win:

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I can’t say that Kerry was the best (admittedly, I haven’t seen many of the other shows) but I will say there should be more women of color getting acting jobs, receiving nominations and being chosen as the winners for Emmys categories. That can’t be argued.

This is the same awards show that never awarded Phylicia Rashad for her landmark, exceptional role as Claire Huxtable on “The Cosby Show.” Think about that for a moment.

Still, where do you fall on the debate around Kerry Washington’s snub last night? Was she robbed?

-Jasmine Howard

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