Lance Gross received an Instagram tongue lashing after posting photos of his trip to “Africa”. Below is just one of the photos and caption he used:

“One of my captures during my visit to Africa”

When I first saw the photo, I immediately asked myself exactly where in Africa is Lance Gross? Needless to say, I wasn’t the only person to wonder.

After searching and scrolling though all 6 of Lance’s “Africa” photos, I finally figured out he was in Malabo the capital of Equatorial Guinea. But I also figured out that people are rude.

Is it quite possible that Lance just didn’t feel like writing where in Africa he was visiting? Unfortunately, what started out with Lance sharing photos of his trip, turned into people being assholes and upset that he wasn’t clarifying which country he was in.  The harshest criticism seemed to come from people from various countries in Africa.

kekekelechi You say Africa like its a country. Pls be specific which country in Africa this picture was taken. Africa is not a country it is a continent and there are many countries there.

temiari Its so funny when people get defensive when they were wrong in the first place…lol and I’m pretty sure its ok to ask “where in Africa” out of curiosity. Like chill

nasirahs_virgin_hair people feel like when others visit Europe or Asia their specific on the country. Thats why. Alot of people still believe that its a country not a continent. But its a beautiful picture indeed

yayabrawercombs@troysumpter it would be like me posting a picture and saying “while I was in a state” uhm… OBVIOUSLY people would want to know which damn state I was in… Lol!! While in Africa just isn’t good enough for most people… I would want to know if he was in my country Uganda… Most people aren’t on Instagram to just stare at pictures… Most people are on Instagram to get a look into other people’s lives, and get to know them. So it’s really not just a matter of liking it or moving on… Just some of my thoughts…elesi_a It matter because it isn’t merely a ‘part’ it’s actually a country. A country with a different culture and native tongue…

Ok, I get it.  I’m sure Lance got it.  It’s understandable for people to want to know what part of Africa a person is visiting, but being a jerk about it via social media isn’t always the best way to go about things.  I’m sure Lance won’t be the last person to say they’re in “Africa”, and I’m quite sure someone will quickly rise to the occasion to correct their ignorance.

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