Naomi Campbell Channel 4 interview

Last night, Naomi Campbell sat down with Britain’s Channel 4 News to discuss why she’s partnered with Bethann Hardison and Iman to speak out against the fashion industry’s practice of regularly excluding models of color.

During the interview, Campbell—who is an absolute legend in the industry—reiterated that while she’s had success as a model, she feels it is her duty to advocate for Black models who do not have a voice.

“It made me stronger, it made me want to rise to the challenge, it made me more determined, more passionate to overcome—that’s me,” she explained when asked how she dealt with discrimination.

Campbell added: “But not all the young models today are like that, and not all are able to speak for themselves. That’s why Bethann Hardison, Iman, and myself have chosen to be the ones to do it for them.”

While Campbell insisted she wasn’t lending her voice to the cause to be a role model, the presenter continuously pressed her to admit that she joined the fight against racism in fashion to reform her personal image.

He continued his inquiry, saying, “You have a reputation, rightly or wrongly, of being an angry person,” and asked if the model’s anti-racism activism was an example of “good anger.”

To her credit, Campbell did not take the bait. The supermodel explained that she was not “angry,” but rather passionate about advocating for Black models. She also rejected his attempt to frame her as  just another “an angry Black woman,” instead of a woman concerned about her community.

Check out the interview below and let us know what you think!

Did the interviewer try to present Naomi Campbell as an “angry Black woman?” 

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  • I love that she put him squarely in his place. How dare he try to paint her as the “angry black woman” because she’s fighting for equality. he tried that…and failed. go Naomi.

    • Issabella Flower

      Back in the day we would say “Doom Doom”

  • Kyle

    I don’t even like fashion as an industry, and for quite some time I’ve imagined that Naomi is probably a person I would dislike intensely on a personal level, but I’ve been following this campaign recently. I have a lot of respect for the approach these women are taking, and without even seeing the interview on this webpage, or this analysis of how the interviewer was behaving, all I could think was, “Why is he taking such an obviously racist tack with her?” His push at the end to call her, “angry,” was just way over the line. I came up with at least three different ways in my head on the spot to ask her about past criticism without framing her as the “angry black woman.” And I’m a cisgender white male, in case anyone is wondering. Who is this journalist? What kind of criticisms has HE endured in the past? I’d be curious to know if his work isn’t racist, too.