Earlier this summer a new webseries made its debut on YouTube. Ken The Webseries brings front-and-center the issues of sex, secrets and salvation for a  African-American man living in Brooklyn, who has feelings for two very different people. The series’ main character, Ken, played by Jarret Janako, is attempting to come to terms with his sexuality, but is torn between the woman he was to marry, his religious convictions and the other “person” in his life.

In a recent interview with The SkinNYC, Ken’s director, Brooklyn native Eddie Griffith, gave some perspective about the series.

PT: From the looks of the pilot, Ken seems be the confused sole unsure about a few things in life. What audience were you trying to attract / send a message to?

EG: Human beings in general. People trying to find themselves in life. It definitely opens up to Church folks being able to survive with people in the congregation who are different. Try to show and express more love and be less judgmental others.

PT: Is there an underline co-related message being sent out with the main character being devoted Christian but participating in unholy acts such as the strip club, alcohol, and fornication?

EG: Yes, there isn’t any awareness bringing put into the church about homosexuality. Other problems are brought up but homosexuality is shied away. Alcoholism, divorce, gambling, and other common problems are brought to the pulpit with an open mind and are care to and prayed about.

PT: True, counseling is often rendered for that’s issues as well.

EG: Exactly.

PT: Why does Ken consider taking the weaker option of escaping life?

EG: He’s in a place of hurt. It puts him in broken position and disconnected him from god. The relief of the pain seems a solution to consider.

Check out the pilot and the second episode below!


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Episode 1:

Episode 2:

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  • Miss E

    As a black, bisexual woman, I enjoyed watching it because there are few movies made by black people that explore the subject of being LGBT. However, I’m hoping that it doesn’t go in the direction of ‘let’s all pray the gay away’.

  • are there any shows about black men starting up a business?

    • “Sure…after you start one”

      been there, done that, now comfortably retired which is why i got time to be here.

      black men need to be about a lot more than sex.

    • You got that right however they don’t understand why they do or act the way they do!

    • What about you “Nikkoli” have you done anything with your life, beside being angry, bitter, nasty black women.
      Let me guess you have multiple baby daddies whom you leech off.

    • noodle

      Nikkoli Im sure you got time to stroke something else on a man…Dont be surprise when you time runs out, and have a bunch of cats as friends…

  • buy youtube views

    I agree with noodle, as you said, Nikkoli got time to stroke and there will be no surprise.

  • RenJennM

    I like it. It’s different and controversial. I’ll be watching.