Earlier this week Nicki Minaj displayed her new pieces from her K-Mart Collection on Instagram and needless to say they definitely match her personality. The collection is filled with leg and cleavage flaunting pieces, with leggings, tops and dresses that are more strip club nightclub appropriate that a run to the grocery store. The looks include six dresses along with five matching tops and bottoms. Along with short and long sleeve crop tops, you’ll even find a throwback velour tracksuit.


You may  not like the items in the collection, but you can’t knock Minaj’s hustle. Nowadays most artists realize they can’t be a one trick pony and rely on the need to keep their brand expanding. But let’s be honest, when was the last time you shopped at a K-Mart? Do you even know where one is located?  K-Mart isn’t known for its high quality clothing, but the company is in a rebranding spree, starting with an attempt at tapping into the ‘urban’ market.

Clutchettes, what do you think of Nicki’s collection? Would you rock it?

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  • Black Obie

    Umm, maybe I’m ratchet, and that’s a designation I’m willing to accept. But I don’t go to the club to wear demure, tasteful clothing, the whole fun of the club scene is to wear things and drink things and dance to things that you would normally NOT do in everyday life. When Herve Leger bondage dresses came out, they were considered classy and high brow, when they are really well designed club wear! Doing the same thing Nicki’s clothes are doing, providing a ratchet experience. I will be heading to K-Mart specifically to pick up one of these pieces, so when I have a day off from law school(yes, a top ten law school at that) I can go be ratchet and fly! And when I plan on hitting up a jazz lounge, I’ll take some of your old fogey advice for dressing and your patronizing critiques of club wear, in mind.

    • Ms. Write

      Do you, girl!

  • L

    Well dang, I like the two little flirty A-Line dresses. and even the black bodycon doesn’t look bad for a date night. the other pieces I dont care for but I’d wear those three.

    People saw that these were Nicki Minaj clothes and went crazy in here. I wonder if these same clothes were endorsed by another celeb (and styled a little differently) would we get the same reaction.

  • Ms. Write

    It’s okay. A couple of the dressed would be okay to go to the club in, but the two piece sets are a little gaudy for my taste.

  • I wouldn’t mind wearing some of those two-piece sets as sleepwear; you know, just to lounge around the house in.

  • Amura

    I’m in love!
    I first heard about this thru my Capstone course (Kmart was my topic) and i’m happy they have all these new items and celeb endorsements.

    Its great to see an old time company come back from the brink of extinction. As soon as i get money i will be there, cause i like the pieces she showcased. I also like Selena Gomez and Sophia Vagara (misspelled i know). don’t down kmart cuz your a wal mart head. competition is fair and kmart is still alive and growing!