I love my n-gga?

Normally, I ignore 99.9% of the ridiculous things that come across my social media feed, but I just couldn’t turn a blind eye to this…even though I tried (twice).

Let me preface this by saying a few things: I do not know who these people are or if this image has been tampered with in any way.

But the fact that someone either wore an “I Love My N*gga” t-shirt, or took the time to doctor one up shows a blatant lack of common sense on behalf of everyone involved.

For the sake of this rant, let’s assume this image is real. While most would want to karate chop ol’ girl for daring to don such an offensive tank top, my ire is for the brotha who has—as one Clutch commenter recently wrote—decided to throw on his “coon cape.”

What kinda self-respecting Black man, no Black PERSON, lets this ish fly, let alone smiles happily beside a shirt that disrespects every Black person on the planet ever (yes, I’m so serious)?

Is he the type that tries to blame his friend’s ignorance on one to many listens of 2Chainz? Will he go all Don Lemon on her “haters” and claim his White pal was just so confused by all of her saggin’ friends who used the word on the regular? Or perhaps, this poor little White girl is trying to “remove the power” from the word by incorporating it into her daily vocabulary like comedian Tim Allen suggested. Maybe, she’s just trying to show how down with the people she is by camping with “her n*gga.”

Whatever the case may be, stunts like this are NOT okay. Ever.

If this is an actual shirt worn by this actual woman as she poses with this actual dude, neither one of them ain’t sh*t.

But in case you were still on the fence after reading this and were considering not being mad at ol’ girl, let me set the record straight for once and for all.

The n-word is a vile and despicable slur created by White supremacists to rob Black people of their humanity. It is not empowering. It cannot be reclaimed. No matter how many rappers use it in their rhymes, it will never cease to sting.

It may not seem fair or just or equal, but the n-word should be off-limits to EVERYONE, especially White folks.

Got a problem with that? Blame slavery.

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