Talk about an online date gone bad.

Last Friday, a 31-year-old Missouri woman went out on a date with a man she met through a social website.  Seemingly everything was going fine at dinner and they decided to head to a tavern.  According to Captain Scott Waldrup of the Alton Police Department, once the woman got out of her date’s car and attempted to reach for her purse, he sped drove off.

“He tore out of there and knocked her down, and a witness on the lot told her to ‘hop in with me,'” with the victim then getting into the car with the man.

The good samaritan and victim attempted to follow the date-robber. That’s when the date turned into a fast and furious high speed chase.

The suspect then struck the passenger side of a police SUV.

“He continued fleeing across the bridge with several units in pursuit, who radioed Missouri authorities,” Waldrup said. “They were chasing him at a high rate of speed on (Missouri Highway) 367 to (Interstate 270). He was going 90 to 100 miles per hour.”

The police stopped pursuing the suspect because of the danger of a high speed chase in a residential area.

The suspect is described as a black man in his late 20’s, 5’ 9 tall and weighing around 220 pounds, with a mustache.  He was last seen wearing a blue plaid shirt and blue jeans.

The suspect’s vehicle is a silver GMC Yukon with a temporary registration tag.

If identified, the suspect will face felonies and a slew of traffic offenses, according to authorities. Among those charges could be fleeing in an attempt to elude police; reckless driving; robbery; and criminal damage to state-supported property, Waldrup said.

The victim said her purse contained about $70, a cellphone, and debit/credit cards.

In all of my years of online dating, I guess I can consider myself lucky. Sure I’ve met the random lying married men, but never anything like a cops and robbers high speed chase.

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