We all know who they are, so there’s no need to call out names. We’ve seen them in the comment section  day in and day out.  Some are cognizant of the fact that Clutch is a site that caters to women and they tread lightly and respectfully. Others? Not so much.

Yes, we’re talking about the men who comment on Clutch.

A week, hell a day,  doesn’t go by without an inflammatory remark made by a man (or presumably a man, who knows really) towards women on this site.  Email complaints are constantly sent by readers in response to comments they read by some of these “men”.  It’s gotten to the point where people have actually stated they no longer want to read the site because honestly, some of the men are assholes.

Do I blame them? Nope, not one bit.

Hell, I’ve received my fair share of emails from a few trolling men and I have no problem in calling them out in the comment section or even banning them from the site. But sometimes comments do slip through.

Sometimes I wonder what is the purpose of men commenting on a women’s site.  Are you here to enlighten, coexist peacefully or to just antagonize?

To those who visit the site and coexist without the bullshit in peace and harmony, we thank you.  To the others, well, sensitive keyboard thugs, you all need hugs.

Clutchettes, How Do You Honestly Feel About The Men Who Comment On The Site?

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  1. Kaeli

    I was done with men commenting on this site when they had the nerve to use several street harassment posts to ask how best to approach women, and tell women that they are somehow responsible. I don’t come to Clutch to educate or cater to black men. The majority of men who come to this site aren’t here to listen and learn to stand in partnership with black women. They come here to do what they do all the time. Talk over black women and make sure we know there opinions about us. I feel sorry for them. Life must be sad for men who have nothing better to do than go to a women’s site to let these women know how much they don’t like them.