A few years ago I was bamboozled into joining a fantasy football league and I named my team Pigskins and Stilettos. I thought it was the greatest name ever. Why do I say bamboozled? Well because I knew absolutely nothing about football and my friend knew that and tried to use it to his advantage. I was told what players to pick, and when to make trades, to him of course. Eventually uproar ensued. People felt that I was being taken advantage of, well of course I was, I knew nothing about football. Eventually, I turned to a friend for some outside help, and managed rank higher than my cheating friend.

Six years later, I still know nothing about football. Well, I do know that the players look good in spandex, but that’s all I have. On those days that football is played, my Twitter timeline and Facebook stream are littered with football talk. That’s usually when I log off.

Sunday night I found myself sitting at a local sports bar surrounded by 30 televisions. Out of the 30 televisions, only one played the U.S. Open, the rest football everything.  As I sat there eating my wings, and watching my companion check his fantasy football scores something happened.  It was so unexpected but I started to find the game interesting. Like genuinely interesting.  Now I can’t say that I love the game, but the excitement of the sports bar probably helped me to actually want to watch it.

Women love football. Plenty of my girlfriends are on fantasy leagues and attend games on the regular. I think I have more girlfriends that are into football than guy friends. I’ve seen everything from fingernails with NFL logos on them, lady NFL jerseys but my favorite are the women who actively participate in the tailgate parties.

After years of attending college games, watching football with boyfriends, and even having a good friend who’s a NFL agent, I think football may finally become bearable. Just don’t expect me to be out there in the cold rooting for the Redskins. I’m from New Jersey, my family will disown me.

Clutchettes, Are you into football? Who’s your team? When/how did you get into it?

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