"Sandwich Girlfriend" Thinks We Didn't Get The Joke

Let me start off by responding to those of you who thought I might be taking the New York Post profile about Stephanie Smith’s 300Sandwiches blog too seriously. I have no problem with sandwiches — in fact, Smith’sblondie ice cream thing is making me drool as we speak. I have no problem with her, actually. Smith seems like a very nice person. And her boyfriend Eric, though not even in the ball park of an Alexander Skarsgård look-alike, is probably a nice enough human being too. Although I did find his advice to woman about “how to keep a man happy” irritating.

What I think gave me the squickees about the story was twofold: 1) I hate the perpetuation of the idea that women in their 30s should be desperate or hustling for engagement/marriage/babies. Knowing that it took Smith 176 sandwiches to realize this was a misguided approach to her love life bothers me. We need toread about that for 176 sandwiches … why? And for the record, I still do think it’s weird that Eric made a “joke” about her being 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring. Any joke that references “earning marriage” just doesn’t make me LOL. But maybe that’s just me. 2) This whole project reeks of a gimmick to get a book deal. Blog to book adaptations al a “40 Days Of Dating” are hot with publishers and producers and I’d be willing to place a healthy wager on the fact that this is Smith’s goal, even though she claims it is not in thefollow up piece she published in the NY Post today. Hey, it pays to be a staff writer. I should know. This is myfollow up piece.

Now onto Smith’s response to the internet “witch hunt” led by “enraged feminists.” Come on now, all she did was meet a guy, make a sandwich and start a blog. It’s our fault that we didn’t find the humor in her flip joke, which is definitely not a gimmick for a movie deal. (Thou doth protesteth too much.) Smith writes:

“The blog started as a lighthearted joke between boyfriend and girlfriend, presented it to the world because I thought at least one person would find the humor in the idea of sandwiches for an engagement ring. This project is not about me promoting myself as some gourmet chef, nor a desperate plot to win Eric’s love — or a movie deal or Internet fame.”

Smith would also like to set the record straight about her relationship with Eric. He is not sexist because he cooks and sometimes watches HGTV with her. So, back off because her worth as a woman is not measured in sandwiches. (Duh?) Smith goes on:

“For those who think I’m sacrificing myself for Eric, know that he does most of the cooking, often having dinner ready when I come home late from work. He also suffers through many episodes of ‘House Hunters’ on HGTV. He does things I like, just as I make sandwiches he likes, because that’s what a couple does. These aren’t sacrifices. They are what you do when you enjoy seeing the person you love happy. Eric is the type of guy that at least deserved one sandwich. And I’m the kind of woman that wanted to make him one. I’m no less of a woman because I decided to make him 300 after a flip joke.”

In case you have any further doubts as to the sincerity of the 300Sandwiches blog or the love between Stephanie and Eric, the couple appeared on “The Today Show” to talk about it. But not for publicity. [NY Post]


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