Two Pennyslavania school officials are in hot water after it was discovered that they exchanged racist text messages on district issued cell phones.

Prosecutors learned of the messages during an investigation into the Coatesville Area School District, Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan told The Associated Press.

“The text messages that we reviewed were of a shockingly racist nature,” he said. “They looked like something from 1813, not 2013.”

Coatesville Area School District Superintendent Richard Como and Director of Athletics and Activities Jim Donato are now under criminal investigation over their use of the racial epithets in text message conversations with each other.

“The Coatesville Area School District has stated publicly that the Chester County District Attorney’s Office is involved in an investigation related to the district. That statement is correct,” Hogan said. “As a result of that investigation, the District Attorney’s Office became aware of certain telephone text messages between district personnel. At the request of the district attorney, those messages and telephones were turned over to the Chester County Detectives. The District Attorney’s Office will not have any further substantive comment on this investigation until the conclusion of the investigation.”

According to the Daily Mail, Donato sent a message to Como that appears to say all black students should have the same last name.

He wrote:  “All should just have whatever first names they want…then last name is N*****! Leroy N*****, Preacher N*****, Night train n*****, clarence n*****, Latoya n*****, Thelma n***** and so on.”

The superintendent, who has led the district since 2005 and drew a salary of nearly $200,000 last year, responded: “Great idea! Joe n***** bill n***** snake n***** got a nice ring to it.”

He added: “Could have whole homerooms of n*****!”

The Donato, the athletics director, replied: “Hahahahaha! Will N***** report to the office, pardon the interruption but will n***** report to nurses office. N***** to lunch now!”

Later, when the superintendent Como was talking about 23 teachers he had to lay off, Donato asked: “How many n****** out of 23? Not enough!”

Como replied: “Don’t know but think it’s only 4-5. At most until last minute rush of firing by Goo of Phoenix and Kamara.”

“Good hangings there,” Donato responded.

The Coatesville Area School Board is expected to formally vote to approve the resignations of Como and Jim Donato at Tuesday’s public meeting. Como announced his “retirement” through a letter posted on the district’s website on August 29. Reports of Donato’s resignation surfaced several days later. Both came unexpectedly during the first week of the school year.




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