Solange Knowles, one of our favorite quirky Black girls, is back with a new video she hopes you’ll love. The Houston-native recently returned to her old stomping grounds to film the clip for “Lovers in the Parking Lot,” from last year’s EP True.

The video shows Solo traipsing through a deserted strip mall in a slew of colorful and oh-so-cool outfits and busting out her trademark slightly off-kilter dance moves.

Although the song is a year old, the reigning Queen of Blipsters (Black + Hipsters; yup, I just made that up), shows once again why she’s so much more than Bey’s little sister.

Check Solange’s video for ‘Lovers In the Parking Lot’

What say you, Clutchettes–love it or leave it alone? 

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  • Anthony

    Solange needs to do like Rhianna and stick to taking a few cute poses during her uptempo songs because she can’t dance worth a darn!

    • Ms. Write

      I thought it was cute. She wasn’t trying to do be Ciara and do a full on dance routine. She was just being free

    • Ama

      You knwo she’s a trained dancer right? She can actually dance really well. She has said that she delibrately tried to dance like this in her videos because it’s freeing and natural.

  • Act464

    actually…didn’t just make “blipster” up, BUT connecting Solange to the term? Spot on. Endeared by “blipsters” and natural hair fans alike!