Richard B. Spencer (Credit: Courtesy National Policy Institute)

Richard B. Spencer is the president of the  National Policy Institute. If you take a look at him, he looks like a everyday white guy you see walking down the streets of corporate America, but if Spencer had his way, he’d rather walk down the streets surrounded by nothing but white people. Spencer, 35 and a University of Virginia grad,  is a firm believer in white separatism and in a recent interview with Salon, he espoused on the new recruitment tools being used to gain supporters. He’s not looking for everyday “rednecks” to join his movement, but the intellectuals who see the bigger picture.

From Salon:

Under the auspices of his blandly named  National Policy Institute, Spencer is working to create an intellectual class of white separatists. The organization’s editorial unit publishes “scientifically-based” books like “Race Differences in Intelligence” and “The Perils of Diversity.” The group rejects the calls for violence, which appear in Internet chat rooms and public campaigns of hate. Spencer prefers a more professorial approach of publishing books and organizing conferences. “Our goal is to form an intellectual community around European nationalism,” he wrote in an email.

Spencer and I emailed and spoke on the phone over a period of four months before I’d asked to meet him. I was living in Washington, but was planning a trip back home. Over the phone, he’d seemed radical. In person, he was easier to take, in conversation he meandered from D.C. landmarks and comic books to the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Then we crashed into eugenics.

“We are undergoing a sad process of degeneration,” he said, coming back to minority births in the U.S. “We will need to reverse it using the state and the government. You incentivize people with higher intelligence, you incentivize people who are healthy to have children. And it sounds terrible and nasty, but there would be a great use of contraception.”

He didn’t mean the government should encourage people to use birth control pills and condoms. He was advocating for some type of government-forced sterilization.

“They could still enjoy sex. You are not ruining their life,” Spencer said.

Although Spencer hasn’t exactly found his “lily white” state,  he’s currently living in Whitefish, Montana where 96 percent of the population is white. Still not 100 percent, though. Spencer also doesn’t want his neighbors to know his views. Because that could make living quite awkward. No one wants to invite the racists over to dinner.

“I don’t want to get in big disputes with anyone in Whitefish,” he says. “I would like this to be a place where I have a little bit of an anonymous status.”

Well it’s probably safe to say the racist cat is out of the bag.

Spencer’s goals of an ethno-state and force sterilization sound more like the ambitions of a delusional mind, than an intellectual. Just in case he’s looking for that lily white kingdom, he may want to look somewhere outside of the United States. I hear Belarus is nice this time of year.


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