Have you ever wondered how would it feel to be homeless? Living life on the streets with only the clothes on your back and if you’re lucky, access to a shelter?  No? Me neither, but Seattle native Mike Momany is hoping that people will shell out $2,000 to find out.

Yes folks, you’ve read that correctly. Sub-Urban Adventures is a new company that specializes in poverty tourism.  For $2,000 you can get a  3 day, 2 night “reality tour” to live as a homeless man in Seattle. Yes, a homeless man, because women aren’t allowed in the homeless shelter Momany is using.

Here’s a bit from Momany’s “about” section of his site:

Howdy, my name is Mike. I am a 44 year resident of Seattle. As Seattle grew and became more expensive I wondered how homeless people survived as costs rose. I also began practicing a form of minimalism.

I took 2 months in the summer of 2013 to find out for myself. I intermittently lived on the streets and learned about all the great resources provided by our city. I also met many interesting people and experienced a minimalist lifestyle like none I’d ever experienced before. You Can Live on $600 a month in Seattle!

I learned that homelessness is nothing to fear; albeit nothing to aspire to either. In 3 days I will give you a crash tour of the homeless life style. You will gain a new respect for the folks that are forced into this existence.

You will see the seedy side of Seattle in a new light and have an experience that you will never forget. Embrace the Adventure!

Adventure? I’m pretty sure the people utilizing the homeless shelters in Seattle would never call it an adventure.

Here’s how your 3 day “adventure” in homelessness pans out:

Day 1: 

You get a homeless makeover and a homeless nickname. You will then socialize at one of the hip homeless hang out spots. After your homeless happy hour, you’ll head on over to a shelter, where you’ll undoubtedly take up space that could be occupied by a real homeless person.

Day 2:

As a homeless person your day starts early, so you have to leave the shelter by 7 am. You’ll do what homeless people do in the a.m., drink coffee. But as Momany states on his website, “You might have enough chutzpah to try your hand at panhandling or sleeping on a park bench on this leg. You’ll get a real perspective on how the public perceives the homeless”.  At this point, you may be a little hungry, so you’ll head to a place that gives out free food to homeless people, because using the resources for people who actually need them, is fun.  After you eat your free food, you’ll then head to the library, because homeless people spend their time there. Then it’s dinner time! Of course you’ll head to another location that actually benefits the real homeless people of Seattle. Instead of heading back to the shelter, Momany switches it up with a stay at a hotel. Maybe this is where the $2,000 comes into play.

Day 3:

By day three you’re probably tired of being homeless. Momany will take you to get coffee, as you wander the streets of Seattle at 3 a.m, because that’s what the homeless do.  Then you’ll do something odd, you’ll troll the non-homeless, “After a pleasant afternoon at the Seattle Center we’ll test the dress codes at some of the finer restaurants on Queen Anne,” Momany added.

So there you have it folks. Poverty tourism at its finest, for just $2,000 because Momany wants you to give you a “keener perspective on what it means to be homeless; a place all of us might not be to (sic) far from”.  Or maybe he wants to use the $2,000 to fund his other project, Cannabis ToursF*ck you, Momany.




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