deniserobertsSusan G. Komen for the Cure is among the nation’s giants when it comes to increasing awareness and fundraising for breast cancer research. However, it’s not the only organization seeking to change the life of women battling the disease. The Denise Roberts Breast Cancer Foundation (TDRBCF), founded in 1999, strives to make sure minority women and men are not excluded from the conversation when it comes to cancer prevention.

Here are three reasons why you should consider donating to TDRBCF this October:

Help our community: TDRBCF is focused on aiding minority women and men in their battles with breast cancer. By donating to the organization, you will be helping provide more resources and prevention programs to African-American women, who statistically are more likely to die from breast cancer than other women. The organization also works hard to help those in underserved communities by providing a robust amount of resources for the uninsured.

Direct impact of funds: When it comes to donating to advocacy groups, many people often ask, “Where is my money going?” At TDRBCF, a majority of the donation funds are funneled towards providing mammograms to women above the age of 40, supporting a variety of educational programs, and providing collegiate scholarships to aspiring radiologists.

The Under 40 Focus: Unlike many organizations that tout the disease for baby boomers, TDRBCF recognizes that breast cancer can strike at any time and impact women of all ages. Even though the disease affects about 7 percent of this age group, TDRBCF does not exclude them. They provide free counseling and breast screening to minority women under the age of 40.

Donate A Mammogram


Click here to donate $65 to sponsor a mammogram. To learn more about The Denise Roberts Breast Cancer Foundation, please visit their website.

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  • Lo

    While I do appreciate this article for bring awareness to TDRBCF, I find the title a little off-putting just for the mere use of “instead of” (just my opinion). I believe both foundations serve a purpose, but I am glad that there is a foundation which focuses on the population which Breast Cancer impacts the greatest. I will be donating to both (although I will probably give more to TDRBCF)

    • Thanks for your comment! We support Susan G. Komen as well – but we wanted to make sure Black women and men are aware of the direct benefits in donating to TDRBCF. TDRBCF helps our communities immediately with the funds donated – and helps individuals that are currently going through breast cancer. Thanks! We will change the title to add “in addition to” – thanks for your comment and suggestion.


  • Tina L

    Please check the IRS 990 form for this and any other organization you donate to prior to giving to see whether the organization is using money for its stated purpose or primarily for overhead expenses..

    • Great advice and we agree! Clutch can assure that we have for TDRBCF – as we partner with them every year. Thanks for your comment and we hope you donate to help those in our communities.


  • A Love Supreme

    Clutch, as it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and you all are doing such a good job of posting articles concerning the matter, would it be possible for someone on your staff to review “Pink Ribbon, Inc.,” a documentary concerning the problems adhering in prevalent strategies and icons used by mainstream and other organizations who take up the cause of finding a cure for breast cancer? I think it may be eye-opening for many women to see that documentary (for those who have Netflix, you can stream it on their stie).

    Also, a topic tackled in the documentary that very often goes overlooked in mainstream treatments of this issue is the link between cancer and the most prevalent ingredients used in “beauty” products, food and food-like substances, etc. For example, parabens are commonly used as preservatives in products. Parabens mimic estrogen and often cause imbalance and toxicity in the body. Some scientists and activists link them to breast cancer, fibroids, infertility, etc. As you all sometimes spotlight different “beauty” products on this site, I think it would be a good idea to keep your majority Black women readership apprised of such issues so that we all can make more informed choices. If you have done such articles already, then “thank you,” and please use this month to remind your readers.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! We will definitely do that! Thanks SO MUCH for providing feedback and suggestions for BCA month. It is a cause/issue that is very dear to us and we want to make sure we continue to raise awareness – but also make sure our readers are happy, educated, informed and empowered. :)