deniserobertsSusan G. Komen for the Cure is among the nation’s giants when it comes to increasing awareness and fundraising for breast cancer research. However, it’s not the only organization seeking to change the life of women battling the disease. The Denise Roberts Breast Cancer Foundation (TDRBCF), founded in 1999, strives to make sure minority women and men are not excluded from the conversation when it comes to cancer prevention.

Here are three reasons why you should consider donating to TDRBCF this October:

Help our community: TDRBCF is focused on aiding minority women and men in their battles with breast cancer. By donating to the organization, you will be helping provide more resources and prevention programs to African-American women, who statistically are more likely to die from breast cancer than other women. The organization also works hard to help those in underserved communities by providing a robust amount of resources for the uninsured.

Direct impact of funds: When it comes to donating to advocacy groups, many people often ask, “Where is my money going?” At TDRBCF, a majority of the donation funds are funneled towards providing mammograms to women above the age of 40, supporting a variety of educational programs, and providing collegiate scholarships to aspiring radiologists.

The Under 40 Focus: Unlike many organizations that tout the disease for baby boomers, TDRBCF recognizes that breast cancer can strike at any time and impact women of all ages. Even though the disease affects about 7 percent of this age group, TDRBCF does not exclude them. They provide free counseling and breast screening to minority women under the age of 40.

Donate A Mammogram


Click here to donate $65 to sponsor a mammogram. To learn more about The Denise Roberts Breast Cancer Foundation, please visit their website.

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