slaveinwhitehouse__131001203728-275x417 Couldn’t get enough of Lee Daniels’ The Butler? Well, the story of presidential servitude is coming to the small screen.

ABC is currently developing a 12-hour limited series based on Elizabeth Dowlign Taylor’s novel A Slave in the White House, Deadline reports. The book adapts the true story of Paul Jennings, a Virginia-born slave who worked for President James Madison as a child. He remained in slavery until Daniel Webster emancipated him at the age of 46. Jennings would later write the first White House memoir, A Colored Man’s Reminisces of James Madison as a free man.

The mini-series will be written and co-executive produced by Sheldon Candis and Justin Wilson.

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  • Annoyed

    I’m fine with it. I’m not ashamed to be a descendant of slaves and I want this story to be told for eternity. I’m fortunate to know the history of slavery in my family and I don’t want this era of American history to be swept under the rug. I believe slavery forms the basis of so much of the gross dysfunction in our community. Slavery is not an excuse but an explanation for what has happened to us. The other half of the story is Jim Crow. The epilogue is how black people took all this hatred and turned it on ourselves.

  • justus

    Slavery:1619-1865 246 years of chattel slavery. 1865-1965. 100 years of Jim Crow. 1965 to present. Man are we serious. This is our history in this country. There is no narrative or story that involves us (people classified as black) that doesn’t have the sting of slavery attached to it. 1. Black women and Black men relationships with each other, which was fractured from the beginning of this peculiar institution. Education and Economic opportunities. Entertainment. Crime and Law. I stay in DC. Fairfax Villiage to be exact. Natives here don’t believe slavery existed here. They think the south is below VA. Its amazing really. We have plaques all over the city giving detailed information about DC’s problems wifh race. I am never tired of the truth. More of it need to be discussed to give victims of racism context on what still ails our so called community.

  • No More Shackles!!

    So you believe we need more stories of shackles and chains as opposed to having the true stories of how slavery was just a sliver of our history? if you ever get a chance, watch the documentary ‘Hidden Colors’, and you may start to sing a new song. Not saying that we should forget that slavery existed, but when we start teaching the new generation of what being black really means, what we were, what we accomplished, and what was stolen from us, then we can start to heal. But ‘they’ keep us reliving whips and chains so that we don’t know about the kings and queens we were and still are, so that we don’t know about the black elite known as the Moores that walked besides and where treated as equals to whites, so that we don’t know about the blacks that traveled the world BEFORE Columbus and the slave trade, so that we don’t know that we are a great people, so that we don’t know that black people have existed in EVERY culture, that our religion was washed down so that we don’t know how to be in touch with our true selves, so that we are dumbed down to believe whatever we are taught to believe. We are such a great people, but stupid and ignorant when it comes to finding out about our history. White peoples have created a history for themselves, but they stick to their story, and call it the truth. We on the other hand have no idea what our history is so we allow ‘them’ to tell us…..Sad

  • AMG

    lol white ppl telling black people about their history again. Now everything should be accurate (sarcasm)