Alice WalkerIf you couldn’t get enough of “The Color Purple”, guess what? There’s more Alice Walker coming.

In fact the Pulitzer-Prize winning author has been keeping a diary amidst the many poems, stories, and essays she’s penned. A diary, which follows her rise from Georgia poverty to literary fame, that has earned her a deal with Simon & Schuster’s 37 Ink imprint. Walker has agreed to publish a selected writings from her private journals in 2017, the Associated Press reports. The book, which is titled “Gathering Blossoms Under Fire” will be edited by Valerie Boyd, an author that wrote Zora Neale Hurston’s biography.

The book will also feature new reflective essays from Walker, a spokesperson from 37 Ink told the Associated Press.

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  • Word


    But she does look FANTASTIC for her age.

  • DownSouth Transplant

    I personally prefer to read people’s thoughts /diary/memoirs/secrets when they are dead (sorry Ms. Walker). I end up with so many WTF questions, I may start emailing her with follow ups like “seriously Lady that is what turned you to play for the other team??” etc

  • T.

    I actually like Alice Walker’s biographical/memoir type stuff better than her novels (her memoir about the making of “The Color Purple” movie was really good), so I might give this book a read.

    And I’m in agreement with the person who commented on how fantastic she looks – Ms. Walker is such a beautiful woman.

  • Basher Tarr

    There is a meditation center I would go to in Oakland. She would often come by and read those excerpts from her journal. People got so upset back in the day over The Color Purple…I had a stereotype of her as someone with an agenda of rage, but she is so warm, personable, and funny; I was pleasantly surprised at how she is just good company.