I’ve never felt so uneasy about watching American Horror Story until last night. American Horror Story: Coven managed to hit on all levels of perversion in last night’s episode. There was the incest storyline with Frankenboyfriend/Kyle (Evan Peters) and his mother.  The racial component of Kathy Bates’ character, LaLaurie, now being Queenie’s (Gabby Sidibe) “slave”. Then there was the beastiality component. And that’s where it becomes interesting.

I’m not even going to touch on the whole sex with a minotaur. Because we all know that can’t happen in real life. I mean if you’ve had sex with a minotaur before? Let me know how that went. What I’m referring to is the masturbation that was done by Queenie, leading up to the actual “act”.

Let social media tell it, seeing a fat black woman simulate masturbation on tv is down right disgusting. Deplorable. Vomit inducing.  For the record, those are not my sentiments, just take a look at a couple of the tweets below:

how can gabourey sidibe even reach her vagina to masturbate

— ang ૐ (@angieelombardo) October 24, 2013

Lmao but umma need them to never have Queenie masturbate EVER AGAIN #AmericanHorrorStory

— The Crownless King (@ArcadeFiasco) October 24, 2013

I have never been soo turned off till I saw precious masturbate on national television

— 199X.™ سبحان ا (@THIRDEYERVZ) October 24, 2013

Now I’m quite sure if it was drama queen Madison (Emma Roberts) “masturbating” it would illicit such a negative response. But because Sidibe’s character isn’t a slim and trim blond hair and blue eyed character, the world was about to come to an end.  Say what you want about shaming, whether you’re sick and tired of hearing the term or not, but it exists.

And last night’s episode and the reaction from social media made that perfectly clear.

I just hope every last woman and man who had something negative to say about witnessing a fat woman act out a masturbation scene on tv, were all slim and trim. And I highly doubt it.

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  • Treece

    Ok, I am a fan of AHS. The show pushes limits and totally goes where other shows would never dare. This season takes place in New Orleans and flashes back to a time where slavery took place, so there are going to be racial under- and overtones in a lot of what is shown/talked about. A lot of the story lines/subject matters in the show actually happen in REAL LIFE and are depicted on screen. Incest, date rape, slavery, racism, fat discrimination, voo-doo, sex, masturbation. Yes, the whole voo doo witchcraft things is fictionalized (depending on who you ask) but those are all real. If it’s too much for you to watch, it’s simple. Do not watch, and do not judge people who choose to. God places no sin above another. Watching AHS is no more demonic than being a liar or a cheat or an adulterer (lying, cheating, and adultery are ACTUAL sins)

    I don’t think it was racist having Queenie masturbate and have sex (or supposedly have sex) with the minotaur. First off, the minotaur was made that way by Kathy Bates character due to her evil treatment of slaves. She strapped a man up to wall and placed a bulls head over his. Queenie felt unloved and unwanted because of her weight and having had to face discrimination and her own share of “fat-shaming”. She says in the scene that that was something the two of them had in common and they….”shared a moment” (maybe, there is a cliff hanger so maybe she didn’t have sex with it). But the masturbation nor the minotaur being black are not racist. That scene was an example of how she felt, being unloved or “beastly” because she is fat and succumbing to lustful feelings that she would reduce herself to having sex with an actual beast to fulfill a need. I’ve seen fat women do it real life sometimes. Many times. Some overweight women reduce themselves to succumbing to “beastly” men to fulfill sexual needs that feel like love.

    This is tv show folks. Like I said, some pretty damn demonic and sick stuff happens for real on the daily and some people criticizing AHS don’t bat an eyelash when they hear about it on the news or read it in the paper. Demons on the loose everywhere in this world but when actors depict fictionalized events on tv or movies, everyone want to talk about how demonic it is and horrible and jump down the throats of those that watch. Please, give me a break.

    “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

    • Manuel

      I wished i could share this comment on my facebook wall. Thumbs up for this! More people need to think this way. You rock!

  • I mean

    Ryan Murphy stated that this season is an allegory for racism and race relations in America. Just like last season was a commentary on asylums, perceptions of mental illness and the catholic church. All this stuff is meant to make you think. Think about the conversation Basset and Lange had about witches stealing from the voodoo queens. He’s obviously talking about appropriation. All these things are being done on purpose, but not to be racist per, but reflective of our society’s relations with race, which is just as bizarre as the show. In all honesty it makes perfect sense for such a wierd and perverse show to discuss racism, because that’s what racism is.

  • I am at the end of episode 2 of AHSC. That must have happened in episode 3. So far, the show is eery, but I like it.

  • Sayitaintso

    They need to kill her off – fast. Every time I see her I want to switch the channels.