Undergarments aren’t my thing.

They’re uncomfortable and restricting. Bras feel like straight jackets and panties are just a useless layer of clothing.

One common complaint amongst panty wearers is the moisture that exists while wearing them. No matter what style, thong, boy cut or granny panties, the gusset (the area that your vagina “rests” on) is usually moist. This moisture can cause bacterial issues, which is definitely not good.

Ladies, have no fear,  Knix Wear is here.

Knix Wear is a line of antibacterial panties with an absorbent gusset. The panties have a high-tech lining that keeps away moisture and odor. “Fresh Fix Technology” keeps you dry all day long.


The company also claims that the panties are period stain free! Knix Wear comes in a variety of styles, from bikini to boy-cut and high-rise. With prices ranging from $28-36, they’re definitely not inexpensive.


What will they think of next?

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