Yosra El-Essawy

Remember when Beyonce’s team went on a frantic pursuit to get rid of all the singers unflattering photos on the internet? Well, this moved Beyoncé to ban photographers from her Mrs. Carter Tour and to hire an individual who could capture her in the best light possible. Yosra El-Essawy, a 32-year-old London native scored job of a lifetime: to photograph the 5-time Grammy-award winning singer on one of her most anticipated tours yet. However, her gig was cut short when she found out she was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer.

She wrote on her blog:

“My name is Yosra El-Essawy.  I am an artist and photographer, nomadic NY:LON (Londoner living in New York), recovering perfectionist with incurable photo OCD and Beyoncé’s official world tour photographer turned slug slayer.  In June 2013 whilst on Beyoncé’s ‘The Mrs Carter Show World Tour’ just shy of my 32nd birthday, I was diagnosed with stage 4, inoperable oeseophageal cancer.”

El-Essawy is using the space to chart her “blessed journey through cancer”, which has already presented some surprises:

“Doctors said they couldn’t cure me, that they could only hope to maintain my cancer, yet 3 days ago, we found out that it has reduced by 30% in just 3 chemo cycles. Shocked and perplexed, my doctors hugged and high fived me, looking at me with confused smiles on their faces. I am the talk of the department.”

In honor of her photographer, Beyoncé created a tribute vi3eo on her Tumblr page, which showcases El-Essawy’s journey from a wedding photographer to a celebrity photog.

Watch Beyonce’s tribute video.

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  • RJ

    Life just throws us those curveballs sometimes! Stay strong and keep the faith sister. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones. Here is hoping you can put this behind you and focus on your passions.

    • Tina L

      LOL. You don’t just put cancer “behind you.”

    • RJ

      I know people people who have and do. Depends on their spirit. I myself have put illness in my review mirror after 15 years of bad health. I know of what I speak.

  • Beyonce creates tribute.

    Of course she did…… * rolls eyes*.

    Anyway, Continue to heal and get better sister! You are beautiful.

    • Laura Charles

      When I read your comment, I gave you a thumbs down because this isn’t about Beyonce, it’s about Yosra.

      However, I clicked on the video and realized more than half the video was an ode to Beyonce and the Mrs. Carter tour… I rolled my eyes as well. I was actually much more interested in seeing more of her photos, which were pretty good.

      With that said, I hope this young woman is able to beat this cancer and recover!

    • Thank you Laura. For understanding! It’s always about Beyonce. Like I said before, there’s always an angle with her, and I mean ALWAYS. People need to expect that of her. Meanwhile, I still have all negative votes, for something I don’t deserve….

    • RJ

      @Laura- How gracious of you to reach out to Leah about her comment.

      @Leah – I gave you an up earlier today. Stand strong in your opinion, I know it is not personal, but observational.

      I would really like to be a Beyonce fan just to support a black woman but girlfirend is just too fake and too much of a marketing hound to be real.

      Now if she could throwdown like Sade, jill Scott or Leela James or any of the other greats, I would almost..almost forgive her. LOL

      But I truly hope that the exposure sends goodwill to this sister in crisis.


    • viva

      you do realize the lady been tributed (sp?) was the official tour photographer and the pictures that were shown are her work on the tour (the pictures she took). you guys are very ignorant my lawd smh

  • How incredibly sad.Hoping for a full recovery.

    It is so easy to be sad about life/circumstances not being how you would like it to be at a certain age, then you hear a story like this that makes you realize how full of it you are.

  • Wow. What an inspiring story. Brought me to tears. I do believe the Universe is always conspiring to bring you what you need. Always.

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