Beyonce seems to have staying in shape and dressing for your body type down to a science. She spoke with Very Magazine about exercising, a healthy body image and figuring out which clothes work for your shape.

“When I’m on tour I dance two hours a night, so I don’t need to work out. When I’m not on the road I try to work out regularly. I run about two-and-a-half miles on the treadmill and I have a trainer. But it’s sexier when it doesn’t look like you go to the gym,” she said. Does she mean sweaty post-gym paparazzi pictures aren’t sexy or that beefed-up muscles fall in the unsexy category? Or should we all just look like our bodies became toned magically and not through exercise, dedication and hard work?

She does advocate body confidence, however, saying: “Confidence makes a woman sexy. Women should not get caught up in someone else’s definition of beauty. We are too obsessed with what a perfect nose is, or perfect hair, but there is nothing more beautiful than loving yourself and being confident.”

And for Beyonce, a healthy body image goes hand-in-hand with dressing for your figure. “I try to accentuate my waist,” she said. “I know things that are too loose underneath my hips are not good, because I look really boxy. Plunging necks look good on me. My legs are curved and look longer in straight leg jeans. Tops either have to be short to show off my midriff, or long. I can’t do in between.”

We all may not have Beyonce’s hourglass figure, but the benefit of building confidence in ourselves and dressing for our body types is universal. At the same time, we’re a bit confused about the gym comment. What do you think of Beyonce’s perspective on body image?


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  • BeanBean

    I personally like a more toned look. No, I’m not trying to look like a body builder, but I don’t want my thighs jiggling all over the place. The celebrity’s body I like most would either be Ciara or Kelly Rowland. I like to trim off the fat and just have lean muscle.

  • G-Ball

    I totally love B, but either she was misquoted or she is being ignorant and irresponsible with her comments. There is more to working out than just looking like a bodybuilder or being super skinny. Exercise helps the body in so many ways like improving your health overall protecting from the diseases that are unfortunately disproportionately high in the black and Hispanic community such as some cancers, heart disease and diabetes to name a few Exercising improves blood circulation which not only increases blood flow, but adds to healthy skin, hair, teeth and bones. Not to mention the psychological benefits such as improving self esteem, developing discipline and it has been proven that young girls and women that practice some type of sport or physical activity have higher self esteem, something more of our black girls and boys need when they are constantly bombarded with negative images, and indirect messages from the media that we are violent, ugly, fat, unlovable and an overall threat to this country. Mrs. Carter is extremely blessed to naturally have curves, but with her money and status she is able to hire tons of personal trainers and eat higher quality foods than 99.9% of her fans. IF she did make this statement or it was taken out of content (once again a conspiracy because white girls work out and starve themselves like crazy to stay thin) than she needs to come and walk around in the hood and see how many of us or unhealthy, overweight and in bad need of some type of exercise.

  • Danger

    Hmmm…I don’t know about this statement. Perhaps she did not articulate herself as well as she should have because “not looking like you work out” does not make sense to me. Especially considering that her “sister” Kelly definitely looks like she works out and she is incredibly attractive. I don’t know what she meant but like others have mentioned, it’s important that women don’t degrade one another in favor of their own body type and looks. It’s hurtful and unnecessary. We are all beautiful.

  • i took what she said as loving your body for what it is…boyish, plus, triangle shaped or whatever shape God made us… so love it for what it is, and treat it with respect and care by getting regular exercise. i ASSUMED she meant women should look tight and firm, and not look like venus de milo from in living color.

  • Shes doesnt want to look like some muscled chick. What is there to misunderstand and what is there to be mad about? If you want a six pack then get YOU a six pack, doesnt mean the everyone has to think that its sexy.There are plenty of ppl who like the muscled look and plenty who dont.