Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s efforts to slim down New York City may have backfired. Nanny Bloomberg’s efforts didn’t stop the city’s obesity rate from skyrocketing 25 percent more since he took office. According to Health Department figures, in 2002 only one in five New Yorkers were considered obese, not that number has jumped to one in four.

From The New York Post:

The figures are surprising given Gotham’s residents are doing better according to other health indicators.  For example, the percentage of adults who drink one or more sugar-sweetened beverages a day dropped to 28 percent last year from 36 percent in 2007, says the Health Department’s Take Care New York 2012 report.The data also show more people are physically active and eating vegetables. Both improvements come after Hizzoner pushed for the expansion of bike lanes and healthier school meals. The city also banned unhealthy trans fats from eatery menus starting in 2007. The obesity epidemic is one reason Bloomberg and city Health Commissioner Tom Farley issued the edict last year to limit the sizes of soda and other sugary drinks to 16 ounces. It has been struck down in court.

Health officials admit fat is a formidable foe.

“Despite recent declines, sugary-drink consumption remains far higher today than it was in the 1970s, when the obesity epidemic began to surge,’’ a department spokeswoman said.  “Nationwide, adult obesity rates have been going up for at least the last 30 years, and we expect a lag in changes in the adult obesity rate after a change in diet. “We are seeing declines in obesity in children, and [the] fall in sugary-drink consumption may have prevented our city from having even higher obesity rates.”

So what’s keeping New Yorkers fat?

Maybe it’s the cronuts? Or the fact that people will stand in line for hours for a Shake Shack burger?

Either way, New York City, Mayor Bloomberg is probably ashamed of you.


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  • Marketing Gimmicks

    The stress. Cause the “Rent’s Too Damn High.”

  • Azzure

    Healthy eating is a personal lifestyle choice. It’s hard to find a place to eat for cheap that serves healthier alternatives. Unless you prepare your own meals, or bring your own healthy snacks with you everywhere you go, it’s hard. If you skip out on fast food, the dollar menus, & the $1 pizza, the average cost lunch in the city will cost about $8-12 dollars. The bodega’s sell 90% junk food. (they want people of color to eat themselves to an early grave I guess) The deli’s in certain neighborhoods (ahem) sell healthier snacks & junk food. Plus a lot of people aren’t educated on what foods to eat or how to eat better. Countless times have I seen kids eating chips & soda for breakfast. Not teenagers either, little kids with their parents. And some can’t afford fresh or whole foods so the opt for stuff like ramen noodles or a lot of prepacked foods. I feel Bloomberg needs to focus more on other issues in the city. Nothing wrong with wanting everyone to be healthier but you can’t control what & how people eat.

    • lea

      so right about other neighborhood deli shop, williamsburg and fort greene selections you would never find in ENY