Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 2.28.15 PMResearch that was recently published in the American Sociological Association’s Sociology of Education journal revealed that black boys may find it easier to fit into a suburban school than black girls.

Megan M. Holland, a professor at the University of Buffalo, studied the social impact of desegregation on minority students at a predominately white high school in suburban Boston last year. She found that minority boys, because of their “athleticism” and “coolness”, fit in better with students than minority girls because they had more opportunities to interact with their white counterparts through extracurricular activities Minority boys seemed to participate in non-academic activities at a higher rate. Professor Holland concluded that structural factors in schools in addition to minority males’ racial narratives created increased social rewards for boys and added to the isolation that minority girls felt.

In another study conducted by Simone Ispa-Landa at Northwestern University, researchers discovered that minority parents are also much more protective of their daughters, which caused them to have limited social interaction with white students. They were less worried about boys staying out late or going over their friend’s houses.

Additionally, once minority women leave high school or college, they find themselves still having problems with social integration — even as their paychecks and pedigree increases.


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  • meme

    This is not new. White men want to be like Black men and white women want to sleep with them. This is why they have no trouble integrating. White Americas love/hate relationship with the Black man is downright puzzling.

  • joe

    The gender war between black men and black women is far more hateful and destructive online than offline. The anonymity the internet provides allows the most extreme voices to dominate. Verbal flamethrowers who care nothing about the black community. This applies to both the black male misogynists and the black female misandrists. They are eager for an all-war between brothers and sisters because it suits their own personal agendas. The vast majority of black folks want no part of this because we understand that no white prince or princess is going to save us. Those are the fantasies of brainwashed negroes. The reality is that the overwhelming majority of white folks in this country, and abroad, are hateful racists.

  • ruggie

    This is not true integration, and it is not a marker that black males are thriving in these settings. Show me black kids (male and female) on student council, in the college prep classes, as valedictorians, and being voted “most likely to succeed” by their peers. Then we’ll talk.

    • At my high school college prep classes were the lowest courses available. When I took honors classes there was a 5:1 ration for african american females versus males. Once I started taking ap courses I was usually the only african american. The few courses I had for college prep were 95-99% african americans.

  • Pema

    I went to mostly white/asian schools in NYC and I can honestly say that I did not experience constant rejection from black males nor did I feel socially excluded. I’m in my mid-thirties so maybe times have changed but every time I come on this site I’m shocked at all the negative stories from black women. Hopefully the situation will improve because it sounds extremely bleak.

  • Kween

    Wow this is very true on many levels; I never thought of it this way & Im glad that it was brought to light :)