No seriously. It was slightly better advice than that, although Don “Pull Up Your Pants” Lemon of CNN has sort of chucked that whole “impartiality” thing most reporters and news anchors live by and has been giving his unsolicited opinion all over the place. This time, it’s about troubled pop star Chris Brown and his tendency to find his fists constantly hitting things he is not supposed to be hitting.

Just this weekend, Brown got caught fighting in Our Nation’s Capital near the W Hotel and now he’s off to rehab for problems with alcohol, weed and being unable to keep his hands to himself.

Lemon told Tom Joyner that all Brown’s belligerence made him sad and worry for the clearly troubled young man.

Said Lemon (From The Huffington Post):

“Okay Chris and I mean this with all honesty and with the best of intentions. I’ve been 24-years-old before and felt invincible; that fades over time and with age comes wisdom and you realize that not everyone talking in your ear has your best interest at heart.

Most of the people you think are your closest friends or closest to you: your boys, your fellas; they don’t give a damn about you.

When you go to jail, you go to jail alone. You don’t know me from Adam but if I can offer you a bit of advice from one man to another, one black man to another.”

Lemon also said he felt “conflicted” because:

“(H)e’s a celebrity, and I know it’s easy to make him out to be the poster child for bad behavior, especially for bad behavior among young black men because he’s a young black man,” the 47-year-old journalist explains at the beginning of his segment.

Lemon pointed out the fact that Brown is not the only celebrity making headlines for the wrong reasons “Justin Bieber, Shia LaBeouf, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen” are also known for their trouble with the law. However, Lemon points out the key distinction with Brown is the severity of the incident with Rihanna.

(Unless you consider that Shia LaBeouf and Charlie Sheen are also known for getting into fights, and in Sheen’s case, beating up women. Then it’s pretty much the same thing. Not defending Chris here. Just pointing out the only difference is there’s no photo of their bruised, equally famous counterpart. You could argue they’re all equally awful people.)

Since Brown is supposed to be off to rehab, I’m not sure if he’s staying up on the Tom Joyner Show (if he ever stayed up on the Tom Joyner Show), so I’m going to guess he probably won’t hear about Lemon’s concern until someone tweets it to him.

Depending on how that rehab goes he’ll either take this advice magnanimously or take it like he takes everything and turn into an excuse to spout some gay slurs.

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