GymAt the beginning of the year you probably jumped off the couch after stuffing your way through the holidays and headed to your nearest gym to sign up for a fitness membership. Ten months later, though, it seems so much harder to pick yourself up off the couch and get going.

Why? For some people it’s the change of the seasons or a need to take a break after working out so hard to fit into those summer bikinis. For others it’s the predictive obsession over holiday foods. Knowing that you are going to be doing a lot of drinking and eating over the holidays makes you more likely to save the jump back onto the gym bandwagon until the New Year.

Whatever your reason may be, it’s important that you don’t give up on your body yet. Here’s three ways that you can stay motivated on and on track with your fitness goals:

Get a trainer. Knowing that you’re committing time (and money!) to get in shape will actually make you more likely to hold up to your personal health promises. The trainer expects you to show up to each session in order to maximize your financial investment. Don’t make excuses. Being a no-show means no results for your body.

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  • AnnT

    I was expecting advice like :
    Buy real workout clothes-You workout harder and more efficiently if your clothes reflect the environment your in. That cute workout outfit you got? Test its moisture wicking abilities and buy multiples.

    DO NOT GET ON THE SCALE EVERDAY. That is a spirit killer. Losing inches through weight training is always more important that what the scale says from solely doing an hour of cardio. You’ll always lose a lot of weight in the beginning, but that tapers off. No one sells clothing according to poundage anyway.
    Don’t leave your personal item at the gym. People are nasty and steal stuff. Bolt cutters are cheap.