I’ll never understand the fascination people get out of touching a pregnant woman’s belly.  God forbid you turn down someone’s request to touch your belly when you’re pregnant. You’re usually the one to get looked at oddly.  If you’re living in the Keystone State of Pennsylvania, touching a woman’s pregnant stomach could be grounds for harassment.

Pennsylvania has renewed an expanded law that allows pregnant women to press charges against strangers for excessively harassing them to touch their belly. The law was renewed after a Cumberland County man was harassing a pregnant woman to touch her belly and did so without permission. The lawmakers want to make clear the Pennsylvania law is intended to provide pregnant women protection from unwanted touching. The harassment laws in the state always included pregnant women and many should be aware of it. 

Not every woman wants to have their pregnant belly touched and fondled. Before you’re hauled off in handcuffs, you may want to ask permission.


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